How To Be An Irresistible Author (and Earn Crazy-Dedicated Fans)





How can you be irresistible to your readers? This is the ultimate question, isn’t it?

I’m delighted to welcome Toni Tesori from Duolit, who’s here to discuss just that. I’ve been lucky enough to Guest Post on Duolit, and even more so to have Toni repay in kind. Over to you, Toni…


What makes someone absolutely irresistible?

As you might expect, answers vary widely from person to person. Some love those who make their belly sore from laughter and others swoon after being cooked a five-star meal.

What contributes to the “irresistible factor” is somewhat predictable when it comes to relationships, but what about in your writing career? Are you irresistible to your readers?

Even with the rise of social media, many authors don’t often hear directly from their readers. Copies are being sold, but your inbox remains empty. What this means is, even if readers like your work, they’re not convinced to take the next step and get in touch.

And, without that personal contact, you lose out on a great opportunity to build the reader-author relationship.

The truth is that you need fans, not simply readers.

What’s the difference? Fans get tattoos of their favorite characters and write epic
fanfiction that becomes a bestselling novel.

Readers finish a book, think “that was nice” and promptly sell it to their favorite used bookstore.


Turning Passive Readers into Passionate Fans

The best way to be irresistible is by being accessible. But, what does that mean?

The rise of social media and indie publishing gives readers more access to their favorite authors than ever before. You have the ability to reach out personally to every reader who contacts you — and that’s a powerful tool.

Sadly, few authors take advantage of this access.

Honestly, I understand why: it can be overwhelming to figure out how to start building up the reader-author relationship. That’s why I’d like to share four easy ways to be more accessible to your readers — and become irresistible in the process!

4 Ways to Be an Irresistible Author

1. Use your voice

When you wrote your book, you likely didn’t change your natural writing voice, scrutinizing every word to make it sound more catchy or professional. Once you got on a writing roll, you simply let the words flow and your voice shine through.

Don’t let your communications be any different! Whether on your website, email, Facebook or Twitter, just be yourself!

Write simply — imagine the specific reader you’re speaking with. Picture him (or her) in your mind! Your messages should read like you’re writing to a friend (because you are).


2. Respond promptly and genuinely

We’ve all been there: you fall a little bit behind on answering emails or comments, and, before long, so much piles up that it’s easier to ignore it all than figure out where to start.

The best way to solve this dilemma is to set aside 15-30 minutes a day for responding and do as much as you can in that time frame. Even though you might not get caught up after one day, eventually you’ll get there! After you’ve gained traction, stick to this practice to prevent falling behind in the first place.

Don’t let speed sacrifice the quality of your communication. Be genuine in all of your interactions by:

  • Making it clear that you’ve read your reader’s email or comment.
  • Showing gratitude toward the reader for taking time out of their day to get in touch.
  • Responding promptly, even if it’s just to say that you’ve read their comment, but need extra time to flesh out your thoughts.

You don’t, however, need to write a novel in reply to a short email! Given time and practice, you’ll get very effective at fitting meaningful interaction into just a sentence or two!


3. Reward loyalty

As you pick up more and more fans, it’s important to remember those who have been with you the longest.

Remember how exciting it was to receive that first (non-spammy, unsolicited) email from a fan? These first folks deserve some extra attention and gratitude!

Take the time to foster a rewarding relationship with your first 50 fans. Get to know them personally and reward them handsomely for their loyalty.

Whether it’s free copies, limited edition packaging, exclusive bonuses or anything else you can dream up, these fans should know how important their support is to you!


4. Be consistent

Irresistible authors don’t abandon their readers.

Even if you can only spend 15-20 minutes on marketing every day, it’s okay! What’s more important is being consistent. Don’t go full-steam ahead for one month, then get burned out and disappear for the next six.

Create a realistic marketing schedule that you WILL stick to. After you’ve done this, figure out how to get the most bang for your time buck.

Choose the tactics that fit your schedule and personality. For example, it takes more time to craft blog posts than set tweets, and if you hate Facebook, your time is better spent on other tasks.


Are You Irresistible?

In short, being irresistible to your readers means being a friend. No matter what, act in their best interest and keep them engaged.

Remember: most readers never get to interact with their favorite author, so don’t bypass this opportunity to make a great impression!

I’d love to hear your thoughts: what can you do to be irresistible to your readers? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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