Does Your Novel Have A Prequel




Everyone loves a good prequel. It’s true, sometimes they absolutely destroy an otherwise loved franchise. But every now and then it gets knocked out of the park.

Does your story have a prequel, and if not, does it have the scope to have one?

Robert Bevan is a regular commentator on my Facebook page, and several weeks ago he shared his short story with me. It was a short accompaniment to his novel. I fell in love with the idea. Within about ten-seconds I decided I would follow suit.


Tales From A Tiny Thai Table

That night I hit the keyboard and began to plan a prequel to Beyond Parallel. I’d already deleted a certain scene from the main novel, and I considered it an ideal setting for a short prequel.

Tales From A Tiny Thai Table was born!

This short prequel launches very soon and will be available for FREE. I’m ecstatic to release this short story and here’s why:

  1. It allows me to share an important scene with you, which didn’t quite fit in the main novel. It pained me to delete it, but now I get the best of both worlds
  2. It provides a valuable test-run for the Big Launch in January. This is brilliant for a debut writer
  3. It creates some intrigue in the reader. By the time Beyond Parallel comes out, some people will be biting at the bit (hopefully)
  4. It allows me to increase my readership NOW, instead of having to wait until January
  5. It’s another outlet to practice my craft. I found writing a short story very different to writing my novel
  6. It’s fairly innovative, which aligns with the rest of my Brand. It’s also another topic I can discuss with you, the valued reader 🙂
  7. It offers a chance to get some wider feedback. Maybe a few suggestions will be made that will help improve Beyond Parallel
  8. It allows me to share the story behind my story. I can immerse the reader and help them understand the process I’ve been through
  9. It could become a very valuable marketing tool, as well as an appreciated piece of work in it’s own right. Exciting possibilities lay ahead.
  10. It offers some invaluable practice into formatting, cover design, and other such craziness us writers have to do.


Could You Do This Too?

What about you? Is this something you could implement into your own book plan?

It won’t be for everyone, but it will for some. It doesn’t have to be a short book, either. For example, you could write:

  • A series of Blog Posts
  • A serialised set of books on Amazon
  • A special and exclusive newsletter
  • A spin off of some kind – think Frasier and Cheers 🙂

Get creative and think about how you can take your story down a new path. Tales From A Tiny Thai Table is 5,000 words long and set the night before Beyond Parallel begins.

It works as an individual story in its own right, but ties in effortlessly with the main novel.

What about your story? Can you give us a sneak peek into a particular character, scene, or incident? Veronica Roth did this in the lead up to Insurgent, and from what I gather the results were fantastic.


This may or may not be something worth consideringfor you

I’m very excited about Tales From A Tiny Thai Table and I can’t wait to launch it. There will be more news on this in the next few days, so I apologise in advance for the excitable chatter.

I hope you will support me and help spread the word, but more importantly, offer some invaluable feedback (good or bad). Until next time…

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