The Turndog Tales: 30/09/2012 – 05/10/2012





Welcome to the exciting world of Friday afternoon. Great things always happen on a Friday, and I hope to keep the streak going with this week’s Turndog Tales.

So, without further ado, I give you the best stories I’ve come across in the last seven days. I hope you enjoy…


Two Minds Collide

What happens when Joanna Penn and Catherine Ryan Howard get together? A good interview, that’s what. The two top ladies talk about self-publishing, printed books, and how the whole process can work.

Self-publishing is growing each day, and here are two people that have experienced good times from it. Watch…listen…learn

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Do You Write Every day?

If you don’t all is not lost, at least that is the message from Nathan Bransford. I probably do write every day, in some form or other. However, it isn’t always in a scheduled and processed manner.

Sometimes it’s emails and posts and social media what not. Is this bad? Nathan says not, and who am I to argue? It is vital that a writer writes. However, you don’t need to write every day. If you do, great, if not, so what?

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End It In Style

We all rave about the first few lines of a novel. But what about the final few?

Christi Craig talks about the importance of ending your story in style. There are a few ways to do this and they’ve certainly helped me this last week. As someone who’s currently editing the latter stages of his book, the tops are golden.

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Write Like You Mean It!

Demian Farnworth wants you to become an exceptional writer. I’m guessing you would like this, after all, we all desire to be a writer of great words. Is it easy? No!

Is it possible? Oh, heck yeah! This post breaks down some very important info. Have a read and take it in. Go on…you know you want to

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Nanowrimo Is Coming

The time of year when everyone writes a hell of a lot is approaching. You have no doubt heard of it, and you may have participated, but did you know some great books came out of it?

I was shocked to see some of the titles. Nanowrimo is great, but you hear stories about people rushing their manuscripts to agents galore. It’s great to see some good books coming from the process 🙂

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

When I read this post from Joe Konrath I gasped (literally). How can we treat libraries so poorly?

These places are where so many people find passion for reading. And yet they are treated in such a bad way. I find it very sad and fear things will only get worse. Sad times indeed. Very very sad!

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And so ends another week here at Turndog Millionaire. I hope it’s been a good one, and I hope the links above help. What was your favourite?

Before you go and enjoy your weekend, please take a look at some posts of my own. This week they include:

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