Tales From A Tiny Thai Table: The Launch





Let me introduce you to Tales From A Tiny Thai Table: a short prequel to my debut novel, Beyond Parallel.

It’s available for FREE and I hope you will download, read, and let me know what you think. In a way, this is the start of a rather amazing journey. The writing is coming to an end, but another, exciting/nerve-wrecking/complexing adventure is just beginning.

You can download your FREE copy here, but let me share some more info with you:


About Tales From A Tiny Thai Table

Price: FREE

Genres: Coming-of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Young Adult (Popular Culture), Romance (Contemporary)


Four people sit in a dark restaurant, two sets of friends and two sets of strangers. They each have their own story to share, but could something be about to happen that changes their lives forever?

Tales From A Tiny Thai Table is a short story that prequels Beyond Parallel, the debut novel from Matthew Turner. It shares the story of Bella and Clark; two young twenty something’s still discovering the world.

Does this small, dark restaurant hold the answer? Can a tiny Thai table be the key to their future? Stop wondering what if and find out for yourself

At this moment in time it’s only available through Smashowrds. As with most things, life got more complex than it had to. It will be available on Amazon, but I need to wait for it to become free. Patience…who the hell needs it!


Help Spread The Word

I would like to introduce you to the #whatifmoment hashtag. This is the hashtag I’ll be using to begin some awesome conversations for Tales From The Tiny Thai Table & Beyond Parallel.

This makes more sense when you read the book, and I hope you’ll join the conversation. But it doesn’t stop there! I need you to help me spread the word, and you can do so by sharing a few Tweets:


[DOWNLOAD] Tales From A Tiny Thai Table for FREE > http://bit.ly/Urzz6k #bookgiveaway #shortstory

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Have you ever wondered what if? Share your own #whatifmoment and read Tales From A Tiny Thai Table > http://bit.ly/Urzz6k

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Do you love coming-of-age stories? Try Tales From A Tiny Thai Table for FREE > http://bit.ly/Urzz6k #bookgiveaway #shortstory

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Of course, I don’t want you to simply share Tales From A Tiny Thai Table. Only do so if you think it’s worth sharing. It’s only 5,000 words long, so why not give it a try and see if it’s right for you 🙂


Moving Forward

The plan is set for the next few weeks and you’ll be seeing much more about Tales From A Tiny Thai Table (I apologise in advance). I won’t be ONLY talking about it, though, so don’t worry 🙂

The big thing to remember is that this short story is a prequel for a much grander piece. As such, I would love to hear your feedback.

Do you think you can fall in love with Bella & Clark?

Are you intrigues enough to read Beyond Parallel?

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