Why Aren’t Women Writing Business Books?




Why the Bloody Hell aren’t women writing books?

You may think I’m talking nonsense, but I was recently walking to the library when a spark of inspiration hit: why aren’t women writing business books?

Surely I was wrong. Surely this is a misperception that some time on amazon will prove wrong. After all, we are in a world with more women CEOs, female entrepreneurs, and ladies of the boardroom.

I shook the thought free and decided to do some research later that night.

I was shocked with what I learned…


The Dreaded Numbers

Before I show you the research (and no, it isn’t very scientific), let me first share my own feelings. Personally, I find the lack of female presence at the top of the charts concerning. I was under the impression equality was becoming equal, but I’m having my doubts.

Some of my most regular online haunts include the likes of Marie Forleo, Tea Silvestre, Bernadette Jiwa, Natalie Sisson, and Carly Ward. The information on offer is always great, so let’s see more of it in book form, please.

Here’s what I found on Amazon:

  • Only 16 Women appear in the Top 100 Paid Charts (Business & Investing)
  • Only 2 Woman appear in the Top 20 Paid Charts (Business & Investing)
  • Only 3 Woman appear in the Top 20 Paid Charts (SME & Entrepreneurship)
  • Only 2 Woman appear in the Top 20 Paid Charts (Hardback)
  • Only 4 Woman appear in the Top 20 Paid Charts (Paperback)

These numbers are bad in their own right, but they’re skewed nevertheless. In fact, the vast majority of these women are co-authors, and in the case of the Personal Finance Category, all 5 women in the top 20 are co-authors only.


What’s The Deal?

I offer no solution or reason. I’m quite simply stumped.

I was talking to Dara Beevas recently and we happened to fall upon this subject. I told her about this post and some of the research I had found. She, too, was shocked and rather confused as to why it was.

But what could the reason be?

  • Is it a lack of confidence?
  • Is it a lack of passion to write and share?
  • Is it the publishers fault?
  • Is it because of men?
  • Is it because of women?

As I say, I offer no solution. I find it rather strange, though, and the fact that Amazon has a Women & Business Category is equally perplexing. I find this rather counter productive.


Will Women Rule?

The whole situation is very sad. Of course, there are women out there writing books, and in many cases, writing business related books. But for some reason, they’re not getting the attention they deserve.

I’m confident this barrier will continue to be knocked down, especially as more successful women make positive noise in the business world. But we should kick this strange pattern to the curb NOW!

My next business book purchase is going to be one from a mind of a female (a mind I’ve spent years trying to understand, and ultimately failing at). Will you join me?

After all, a good book is a good book 🙂

And if you’re a successful women with stories to share, why not write a book about it? What’s holding you back? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject…


I’m currently starting a new book project that will see me interview dozens of business people. Many of these will be women, not to prove a point, but because their input is invaluable.

It’s the same reason why I want to talk to people from different industries, countries, continents, and background.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please leave your opinions in the comments below.

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