The Power Of Passion




How much do you love your business?

When you speak of it, do you feel all fuzzy inside and buzz and vibrate through the conversation?

I know I do, and this weekend I experienced it in large quantities. Yesterday I returned from London after a few days of meeting and greeting. Putting aside my hatred for the London Underground – and general ‘busyness’ of people with blank faces – it was an amazing few days.

In part this was due to a few good meetings, but it was mostly due to one passion-fuelled conversation.


The Power Of Passion

I met up with a friend of mine and we talked about his business. It’s an exciting venture with sooooo much potential. We didn’t meet up to discuss his business, nor did we meet to talk about my own particular skill set.

Yet, over dinner, we began talking about his world and mine. Before we knew it, 3 hours had spun by, and all we had discussed was business.

It was 100% passion…It was a conversation where excitement was the foundation


What Passion Can Fuel

Who knows what that conversation will lead to, but I can tell you one thing for sure: we both learned a great deal about one another.

I discovered aspects about his business that I didn’t know about.

He found insight in me that was previously unknown.

Together we came up with ideas

All this was down to an impromptu, relaxed, informal conversation built around passion. We didn’t intend to talk about business, but we did. We didn’t want to turn dinner into a meeting, but we did.


How Much Passion Do You Have?

If you’re an entrepreneur then I’m guessing passion is a large part of your life. You will love to talk about your business, your skill set, and listen to other people and their inspiring stories.

Simply put, it’s an amazing world to be part of

But do you understand just how powerful your passion can be? We all get told that networking events are key, and that having a business card at the ready and always being in ‘sales’ mode is the way to the top.

But I disagree. I personally feel the world will look after you if you show passion in what you do. I’m not saying you don’t have to cold call – from time to time – or send emails or hustle and bustle your way forward.

This isn’t the key to success, though. Passion is!

When I look back at my most successful meetings…my most successful opportunities…my most successful pieces of the puzzle, they are usually surrounded by informal chats and a great deal of passion. This is when you discover people who matter.


A Powerful Conclusion

Be…Passion Filled….All of the time!

I hate ‘salesy’ networking events, but I love life. I hate to talk about money and the final sign off, but I love talking about aspects I care about. I hate listening to people who do nothing but talk, but I love to listen to those with stories.

I guess what I’m saying is this: life is an opportunity

If you have passion, show your passion, and live your passion, things will come from it. You might not get the quick sale, but you will get something of meaning. And best of all, you’ll connect with people you NEED to connect with.

The Power Of Passion Baby….Live It!

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million

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