The Turndog Tales: 28/10/2012 – 02/11/2012





Friday is upon us once more and that means The Turndog Tales are here to brighten up your day.

Let me introduce you to my favourite stories of the week. I hope they send some inspiration your way…


Modern Day Common Sense

Ebooks, Amazon, Self-Publishing…they are all great, but they do bring their own issues.  One is the crazy notion of what you can and can’t do as a reader. Joanna Cabot touches on this subject and calls for retailers to sort it out!

Do you own the books you buy? If we share with our family, are we breaking some silly rule? Come on Amazon et al, let’s get this sorted!

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Authors From The UK Unite

As most indie authors do, I love Amazon. They have changed the rules for the better (in my opinion), but why oh why do international authors have to spend money just to cash their royalties?

Sarah Billington has begun a petition so we can get paid via Amazon Payments or Paypal or anything but the dreaded cheque! I hope you will sign it, even if you’re from America or not a writer. It sure will help us poor international folk.

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A New Age Of Print

Will Ebooks destroy the printed book? I’m sure it will hurt sales, but destroy, well, that’s a rather strong word. Andrew Losowsky agrees as he discusses how Ebooks are forcing printers to be more adventurous with their work.

I liken it to vinyl records and how limited edition presses can look absolutely spectacular. Printed books will always have a place in the world, and with a bit of luck we’ll see some interesting results.

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It’s launch day, you’ve spent months working yourself into a frenzy, and the hard work of selling and marketing is ahead of you. It’s easy, therefore, to forget to celebrate. 

Juliet Marillier talks about the need to have a few drinks and share the love with those around you. It’s been a tough few months and you deserve a celebratory night out. Don’t forget it among the chaos!

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Xmas Book Selling

I know I know, Christmas already. It’s damn crazy and totally annoying. The truth is, though, if you have a book in the marketplace then now is the time to think about it.

Toni (Duolit) discusses a few tips for getting the most out of Christmas and propel your book to the top.  Even if you refuse to be drawn in to the big day just yet, have a read and prepare yourself for the coming months.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Melissa Foster has written a rather sad post. She talks about how Self-Publsihed authors are killing the industry, which is rather short sighted in my opinion.

Sure there are those who devalue the whole affair, but there are also many doing great things and doing it with just as much dignity as a traditionally published author. What are your thoughts?

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And so another week comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed the tales and I hope your weekend is marvellous.

Before you go I hope you’ll consider downloading my Short Prequel, Tales From A Tiny Thai Table, which is now available for FREE on Amazon. It’s taken a month to happen, but it’s finally up and ready for you to enjoy.

Download now and let me know your thoughts.

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