The Turndog Tales: 11/11/2012 – 16/11/2012





The week is coming to an end and the only way to do so is via some Turndog Tales.

I’ve gathered my favourite stories of the week and am here to share them. I hope they help you like they have me. Let’s get started:


To Be Remembered

We’re so busy worrying about getting success now that we forget what the future may hold. A lot of success comes after the artist has departed this world, and this post from Kris Rusch paints a very clear picture.

We don’t need to worry about this in the very beginning, but as soon as you begin to see even the smallest of successes, it’s a good idea to think about who will get your property rights after you’ve gone. A rather interesting post.

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Don’t Just Write, Speak

Joanna Penn is a writer, but so much more. Fiction accounts for much of her world, but she complements it with speaking and other activities, too, and this post shows us why it’s important to do so.

Speaking is something I hope to establish in the not too distant future and these tips are helpful. It doesn’t only establish a new income stream, but helps your existing ones too. If you’re a writer, you may want to consider reading this post.

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The Power Of Book Clubs

We’re always looking for new ways to get our books in front of people, and this post from Rob Eager offers some fine points.

Book Clubs – either online or offline – can be a fine source to reach new people. It might take a little effort to get noticed, but building some valuable relationships can create exciting opportunities down the road.

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The Book Spotify?

I love Spotify, and I’ve always wondered if books would follow a similar route. Subscribing is an attractive system, but is it worth it for the reader, when most will only consume a couple of books each month?

This post shows how it might not be worth it for the writer, either. Andrew Rhomberg breaks down the margins and how they are simply not there. It makes me wonder about the future of books…

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Advice From The Top

C.J Lyons is a self-published success story, and this post offers some important tips as to how she got there. You will have heard much of it before, but there are some unique insights, too.

I always love to read about success stories. They help inspire and keep you focussed in times of need. All in all, this is a great post to end the week with.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

This post from Richard Curtis is a fascinating one. I know a little about the traditional publishing process, but not nearly enough. This is a great insight into the return policy of bookstores.

It is rather expensive, inefficient, and overall full of faults. Surely there’s a better way, but if there is, who will benefit the most? Adapt or die comes to mind, and I feel this system is in need of a shake up.

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There we have it. I hope you have a great weekend, but before you go, please take a few minutes to read my own posts from the past week. They include:

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