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Happy Friday to you, and apologies for no Turndog Tales last week. My time in London was great, but boy did it shake up a few things. I’m back though, and I’m delighted to share my favourite news of the week.

Let’s waste no more words, shall we:


The Future Of Bestsellers

Jordyn Redwood compares basketball to books, which is fairly out there, but when you read this article it will all make sense. It discusses how records (or for books, bestsellers) can sometimes be achieved in a less than organic way.

It’s quite the interesting read, and something most authors are guilty of. Is it wrong to do this? Maybe, but then again, maybe not. It’s an interesting thought, though, and I suggest you read and consider.

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All Hail King Pressfield

Earlier this week Marie Forleo interviewed Steven Pressfield, which is one hot-damn combo if you ask me. The writer of ‘Turning Pro’ and ‘The War Of Art’ discusses numerous things, and interviews like this help you stay inspired.

It’s good watching folks, that’s all I can say. 

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Get Your Free Fonts

I never thought I’d get excited about fonts, but I do these days. Sad? Hmmm, maybe a little.

Joel Friedlander offers some fine tips and a few sites where you can find free fonts for your next book. It’s a finer detail, but the font you use can make all the difference. If you’re writing a book, this may be a post you wish to bookmark.

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To Un-Publish Your Work

Catherine Ryan Howard has unpublished her first novel, which is rather sad. The post tells you why, the story she has gone through, and the less than stellar side of self-publishing your work.

It’s an interesting read and one all self-published authors should probably read.

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Does Price Matter?

As a marketer I know that price isn’t always as sensitive as some people believe. It does seem books, especially Ebooks, are rather susceptible though.

Rachel Wilmner shares some interesting stats that shows how Kindle Rank is often linked to a cheaper book, at least a book that has been made cheaper in recent times. This may not be surprising, but it does confirm a few ideas of mine. Interesting…

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Porter Anderson is back with a post that looks at the recent release of Tim Ferris, and how he is supposedly banned in many many bookstores.

I quite like Time Ferris, he’s a rather savvy seller, but I don’t like his current choice of words. He isn’t banned, he is merely caught in a political battle between Amazon and everyone else. I’m not a huge fan of people using the taboo subject of being banned to their own gain, especially when it isn’t really the case.

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That’s a wrap, folks. I hope you have a fine weekend, but let me first point you toward The Future Of Ink, who now have their finalists for 2012s best self-publishing blogs. There are some great sites on this list and I hope you will vote for your have.

With that, have a fine few days off

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