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It’s the first Friday in December, which means Christmas is getting closer. Have you done your shopping yet?

It’s once again time for some Turndog Tales, so let me share my favourite news from the past seven days. Let’s get this thing under way…



Writing Whilst Exercising

Rebecca Skloot wrote an interesting note this week about her homemade treadmill desk. I’m not sure if I like the idea of walking and writing (I’m not sure if I could do it), but boy is it interesting.

Exercise is important to a writer (we sit far too much), and this DIY effort is very cool. Like I say, I’m not sold on the idea but I find it fascinating. What do you think?

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Indie Publishing In 2013

This long and interesting article by Ruth Harris looks at where Indie Publishing has been and where it’s going. It seems a lot of the success stories of the past couple of years will no longer be relevant moving forward.

Does this mean indie writers have had their share of the pie? Hmmm, I guess we will see. There are always possibilities and opportunities available. It’s up to us to find them and take advantage.

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British V American Spelling

The way Brtis and Americans spell has been an interesting topic for me recently. I’m English, but a lot of my readers are American. This means I had to decide how I would write.

I decided to use American spelling, but it wasn’t easy. It’s amazing just how many changes there care (things you don’t think about). This post by Joanna Penn opens your eyes to a few of them. Very much worth reading, for writers of all types.

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Find Some Extra Time

This post from Duolit says it all. Writers need to find some time to do more than writing. It doesn’t have to be much, though. Little but often is more than enough to keep you on top.

I’m a firm believer in this and when I speak to writers this is what I suggest. Get into a routine and be consistent. You don’t have to spend hours on marketing, but you do need to keep at it. Fine words from the girls, as per usual. 

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Take A Break

This post by Krista Phillips talks about going back to a fallen manuscript. As a writer you will sometimes reach the end, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw it away FOREVER.

Time is a great healer. All you need to do is walk away and let your muse recharge. This gives me hope for the future, and I think this could help quite a few writers who have suffered in the past.

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The ‘Blood Hell, Really’ Post

This weeks tiresome thought comes from Andrew Piper, who apparently doesn’t believe reading can take place unless you physically turn the page. Hmmm, this is crazy talk

I understand the love of holding a book (I too love it), but reading an Ebook doesn’t take away from a great story. You can also read great things on your computer and phone and tablet. If you read his post, you will be doing so on a screen, so does that mean his words don’t exist? I’ll let you decide.

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And there we go, that’s another week come to an end. I hope you have a superb weekend, but before you go, please take a look at my own posts from this past week. 

Have a great one:

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