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Welcome to the first detailed Blog Post of 2013. You may be wondering why it’s been quiet around these parts recently, but by the end of this post you’ll hopefully understand. I can semi-explain with two simple words:

Launch Day!

It’s actually tomorrow (8th January), and it’s a terrifying/exciting time. Chances are you understand what this feels like. You may have released your own book, or some kind of product or service or venture. If you have, I’m sure this post will connect with you. If you haven’t, I hope it will prepare you.

I’ve launched many things in the past. Much of this has been whilst working for other people, so although nerve wrecking, it’s not the same. I’ve also launched a few things here at Turndog Millionaire, but again nothing quite compares to a book you’ve spent six years working on.

Simply put, I’m shaking like a leaf, and have been doing so for a couple of weeks now. I’ve made it through the tunnel though, and this is how.


Get Through The Chaos

Tomorrow I will release Beyond Parallel for all to read. I first began this book over six years ago, after a bad break-up that took a long time to heal. Since then I’ve literally learned how to write (the first draft was sooooo bad), hired an editor, created book covers, reached out to BETA Readers, and had a launch team help me gain early buzz.

I’d love to say it’s been an easy, stress free ride, but it hasn’t. I’ve had self-doubt, fear, and chaos to tackle along the way. It will never be easy, but here’s what I suggest:


Start Planning Early

I first started my Book Plan six months ago, and in all honesty I wished I’d begun earlier. Beyond Parallel is available in Ebook only (at least initially), but I hope to have my second novel available in all formats from the outset. This means six months isn’t enough!

Start as early as possible, before you finish the first draft if at all possible. It doesn’t have to be detailed in the beginning, but the earlier you begin, the sooner you can start to make sense out of everything.

Consider it peace of mind. The sooner you can start bringing all the pieces together, the better you’ll feel in the lead up to the big day. You’ll have less to do, which trust me, eases the stress.


Accept Self-Doubt

Some people suffer with this more than others, but for most writers, at least those I’ve spoken to, self-doubt is a daily issue. The idea that people will read our words and like it, well, it’s difficult to comprehend.

My advice is to accept this as soon as possible.

I make a joke of it with my friends, and I’ve found the closer to launch day – when things begin to get very real indeed – the less of an issue it becomes. I’m still scared and worried and anxious, but I see this as a good sign. It’ll keep me on the straight and narrow, focussed, and ready to jump into the next challenge.

Don’t fight your self-doubt, accept it and move on.


Reach Out To Other People

One of the best things I did was start to involve others. Friends, fellow writers, bloggers, and more. The further I spread the news, the more settled my mind became. I now – an entire 24 hours before launch – feel less pressure because more people are ready to Tweet and Like and Share and Expose.

It doesn’t guarantee success, but I’m not alone with my worry. Make sure you reach out and involve other people. It doesn’t all fall on your shoulders. A book may be written by one person, but it takes a team to create success.


Remember What You’ve Achieved

Above everything else, remember what you’ve achieved. Whether it’s a book or product or service, you’ve achieved greatness by starting and following through to the bitter end. Just think about all the people who start things, but never finish them. You aren’t one of them. 

Write it down on a piece of paper and put in next to your bed, or add it to your screensaver, or place it on your phone. Make sure you have a daily reminder showcasing the fruits of your loins. You’ve done a great thing, and although Launch Day is scary, you’ve made it!

This is the best moment of all.


Enjoy Your Big Day

It’s hard, but we must remember to enjoy Launch Day.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending a lot of time online speaking to people, and then, tomorrow night, is my Launch Party at a local bar where I spent many hours writing Beyond Parallel.

I’m terrified about sales and opinions and other silly things like that, but I’m proud about where I am. I started and finished, and it’s cause for celebration.

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow. If you want a reminder, please sign-up to the mailing list. I’ll share all the links and news direct to your inbox. Otherwise, I hope you’ll come back tomorrow and help me share Beyond Parallel.

Those who purchase in the first three days get some cool goodies, too. There’s nothing like a bit of bribery to end a post, right 🙂

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