The Turndog Tales: 13/01/2013 – 18/01/2013





Ahhh weekends, you have to love them, and what better way to kick it off than with The Turndog Tales: the best news of the week.

These are stories I’ve fallen in love with this week. I hope you enjoy, feel inspired, and start your weekend in style.


Simply Inspiring

This post may mean more to me because my next novel is somewhat relevant, but it is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Julie Forward DeMay is no more, but her words and life lives on with this book.

The Duolit girls have got involved and started a campaign that I’m sure many will get behind. I’m certainly hoping to help where I can. I suggest you read and discover the inspiration for yourself.

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Spread Your Story

Bernadette Jiwa is a master storyteller, and I’m delighted to see that she has appeared on the TED stage and shared her vision with so many people. This video is fantastic and helps place things into perspective.

Storytelling can come in so many guises and this videos showcases it. A great way to spend eight minutes if I don’t mind saying.

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Tools For Ebooks

I’m always on the look out for tools to help make my life easier. Whether it’s an app, a new piece of software, or a gadget to kick things into gear, I love to try new toys.

This post from WiseInk introduces four new tools for 2013. They’re all rather enticing and exciting. They may or may not help you, but it can’t hurt to look, right?

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Rock Your Book With Dialogue

Dialogue is an important aspect of most books. It keeps the flow going, showcases the real side of a character, and immerses you into the plot. It can be done epically wrong though.

This post from Irving Weinman offers a few great tips to overcome those pesky dialogue issues. My dialogue has come a long way in the last year, and it’s largely down to advice like this.

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Balance Is Key

Writing is always key, but marketing is important, too, right? After all, if you don’t market your book, how can you expect to sell it?

This post from Kristen Eckstein looks at the issue and offers a few insights into overcoming it. I personally found it interesting, I hope you do too. 

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

This week I want to link to one of my own posts (I know, sneaky, right?), but I have reason to do so. It’s a post of whining and complaining, but I think it’s a fairly interesting topic for indie writers.

I recently came across a less than stellar gentleman, but he did open up an interesting debate. ROI v Quality…what is important to an indie writer? I think this old school indie writer mentality is damaging, but am I a silly, naive, young thing? 

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And that’s your lot. I hope you have a most wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you again soon. 

I’m still very much concentrating on Beyond Parallel, so if you’ve yet to look at my debut novel, now might be the time to do so. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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