Indies Forward Campaign: A Tale Of Keep Going




Last week I was introduced to Julie Forward DeMay, an author who’s unfortunately no longer with us. Julie wrote a book in 2009 called Cell War Notebooks, and my friends over at Duolit are starting a campaign to help people find and remember Julie.

Cell War Notebooks is a memoir about Julie as she shares her final months of life with us. The time has come to help more people discover her story. This is why the Indies Forward Campaign has been created, and we’re all encouraged to share a time in our own life when we were inspired to overcome an obstacle.

This my entry:


The Fight Is Now

When I saw the post last week I knew immediately the tale I’d share. It would be a chance to express my thoughts right now, at this very minute.

I started blogging a little over a year ago and left my job around 8 months back. It’s been an interesting ride since, with lots of lessons, mistakes, fear, and general excitement. A few weeks ago I released my debut novel, and I quickly learned just how hard it is to stand out in a crowded world.

In a week’s time my son is due to kick his way into the world. I have responsibilities galore and a whole new life before me. I’ve always found it hard to push worries to one side. Money, cash flow, exposure, etc… they all roam within on a daily basis, and I often look in the mirror and think ‘you idiot!’.

I should go get a proper job

I should stop kidding myself

I should do the right thing


The Obstacle Of Life

The fact that my obstacle is this makes me very lucky. If we revisit my previous statements:

  • I’m a soon-to-be father
  • I fulfilled my dream of publishing a book
  • I’m my own boss
  • I’m young and healthy
  • I have life ahead of me

Yep, I’m lucky, but it doesn’t make it easy. Fear is still there, and even though we’re trained to be strong and not showcase our vulnerabilities, the truth is I am vulnerable… every day… including right now.

The thing is, I don’t intend giving up. It would be so easy to pack it all in, go get a ‘real’ job, and look back on this last year as a failed experiment. I could play the victim and say, “at least I gave it a go. I gave it my best shot.”

However, this would be a lie. I wouldn’t have tried my best, not really. Success isn’t had when you walk away from adversity. Greatness isn’t found after one year. You don’t make yourself proud, or your son, or the people around you by giving up as soon as life gets tough.


My Inspiration Is Now

Life is hard, and creating your own movement… your own empire… your own dream… takes time, dedication, and pushing when you have no strength left to push. Now isn’t the time to give up, merely the right moment to get real and make it happen.

  • Write my second novel
  • Finish my first non-fiction project
  • Sell and share Beyond Parallel with EVERYONE
  • Meet new people
  • Connect with old ones
  • Get a part time job, if need be
  • Put myself out there

For The Successful Mistake I’m lucky to interview A LOT of inspiring, successful people. They tell me a variety of stories, but most discuss their fear and how they kept pushing forward. You go to bed wanting to give up and wake up feeling the same.

Then you look at yourself in the mirror, and after you’ve finished calling yourself an idiot, you smile, and laugh, and think about how lucky you are. You consider people like Julie. You realise what’s important. You laugh at how silly you are and what you need to do… right now… right here at this very moment.


I urge you to read the Duolit Blog Post, to LIKE Julie’s Facebook Page, to create and share your own Indies Forward Story, and spread the word far and wide.

This post isn’t important, but the ones Julie has left are. Click on as many links as you can and spread the word. Let’s make 2013 epic!

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