How To Create An Organised & Awesome Launch Day





Launch Day… what a terrifying and exciting time it is!

We must remember to enjoy days like these, but it’s tough to do so when you’ve spent years crafting your masterpiece. We’re approaching the month-iversary of Beyond Parallel, and the lessons learned so far have been HUGE!

Each launch is unique, but I wanted to share a few insights into what I think a good one needs. My first launch day was good, but future efforts will be better 🙂

1: Stand Out!

You’re in a very competitive and chaotic market. Releasing a book is fairly easy these days, but having people buy it is a different matter. You have to stand out!

For Beyond Parallel I created the what-if-campaign. It’s the perfect campaign for MY book, and it helped me grab the attention of strangers. The big question is: what’s the perfect campaign for YOU?

In the same way your characters have depth, your book does, too. Is the premise unique or thought provoking? Does the plot touch upon certain current events? 

Think outside of the box and consider what makes your book special. There’s a campaign, message, story, or hook just waiting to take the world by storm.

2: Use The Right Tools!

Social Media, Reviews, Guest Posts, a Launch Party… the list is endless.

All are relevant, but only certain ones are relevant for YOU.

Simply put, go where your readers are. If you don’t know enough about your readers, sit down and spend an afternoon imagining who they are.

Your aim is to only use the tools that will bring the greatest return. Time is tight – especially around launch day – and everything needs a purpose.

Also, I implore you to consider the real world. For Beyond Parallel I threw a launch party for friends and family, even though it’s available as an Ebook only. This allowed closeness, and connections, and merriment galore.


3: Create Value!

Launch Day is a great opportunity to thank those people who support you.

For Beyond Parallel I created a package exclusively to those who purchased in the first three days. I took a great deal of inspiration from Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins in this department.

Offer a gift, signed copy, audiobook, voucher, or anything else that your reader will enjoy. This isn’t about you, but THEM… the reader.

People desire emotional connections, and with so many writers take-take-taking, you can stand out and capture their love by being proactive and caring. Nothing I offered during my Launch Day Package cost money. It took time, sure, but I now feel closer to these amazing folk.


4: Stay Organised!

Having a plan is one thing, staying on top of it is another.

DO NOT go into Launch Day without a spreadsheet, to-do list, calendar, or something else that will help you stay organised. To do so is suicide!

I went into Launch Day with particular goals I wanted to achieve. Every time I completed one I ticked it off my list and celebrated with a glass of whisky and ginger. Some of these goals/tasks were big, others small, but if I didn’t have them ALL written down, I’d have spent the entire day running around in circles.

Please, for the love of god, stay on top


5: Consider Tomorrow!

Who says Launch Day has to be a single day?

My launch package lasted three days. You make the rules, do whatever feels right.

As I said earlier, you’re in a competitive and chaotic market, so do whatever you can to keep momentum going. A single day won’t achieve this. Keep pushing and prodding and making that hole deeper.

Do another Book Launch in a second city (maybe where you went to University?), team up with another writer and do a Twitter Chat or Webinar, and provide a few special surprises after a couple of weeks (hidden chapters, signed copies, secret talks…).

It might be called launch day, but that doesn’t mean you have to abide by this.


Your World Is What You Make It

The modern day writer is a tapestry of skills.

You NEED to stand out and you NEED to get organised. Launching your book is an amazing opportunity, but it’s easily wasted without the right plan.

Sit down, decide what you want to achieve, and come up with the perfect plan for YOUR book. 

I was happy with my launch day, and although it wasn’t perfect, it did teach me a lot. I stand in good stead for future launches.

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