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Will you help me defeat Harry Potter?

This may sound like a strange question, but hear me out. Beyond Parallel has been available for over a month now and the lessons learned have been invaluable. I’m loving the journey so far, but the most valuable tip I’ve come across is to keep trying…trying…and trying some more.

I’ve discovered that it’s all about exposure and traction and rising in the Amazon Charts. This can take weeks, or months, or years, and it’s this what the next three days are in aid of.

Beyond Parallel is JUST $.99 until Thursday evening, something that won’t make me rich or famous, but hopefully connect me with new readers, gather new reviews, and spread the love of my debut novel.


A SALE Isn’t Enough

To simply discount your book is hardly innovative, so I’ve decided to create the Help Me Defeat Harry Potter Campaign, because let’s face it, everyone loves a little Harry Potter.

Anyway, the premise is rather simple:

As well as this landing page Defeat Potter Campaign

Over the next three days I hope to generate enough sales to start climbing the Amazon Charts – the Holy Grail of all self-published charts.

Although this isn’t an exact science, I can determine certain trends that will take me into the top 100,000, and then the top 10,000, and the top 1,000 etc. If I sell over 300 books in a single day then I should leapfrog Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, which would be pretty darn exciting.

Which begs the question: Will You Help Me?


Here’s How You Can Help

Please don’t feel obliged to help because you really don’t have to. I’ve noted a few ways you can though… just in case:

Like I say, this $.99 SALE is only live until Thursday evening, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. As you can see on the list I’ve created, some amazing books could be left in my dust…maybe.
This may or may not work, but it’s all about trying a few different things and seeing what does and doesn’t work. Stay tuned to see if this little campaign offers anything in return.
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