The Turndog Tales: 10/03/2013 – 15/03/2013





It’s Friday once again (time to celebrate), which means the Turndog Tales are here to rock your world.

I’ve looked through my Twitter feed and these are the stories that stood out (most of them for the better). Have a read and enjoy your weekend.


Would You Snub A Million?

You know self-publishing’s building steam when authors start to turn down huge amounts of money because the deal isn’t good enough. Of course, this is still the minority, but we’re seeing more circumstances like this all of the time. It makes you feel fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

Hugh Howey is starting to appear in places like the Wall Street Journal, discussing why he took the deal he took and why he turned a few down beforehand. Hugh’s a good guy and has one hell of a journey.

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The Real World Awaits

The online world is great, but Joel Friedlander offers us a few reasons why we shouldn’t forget about the real world.

I’m a firm believer in getting out-and-about, and although I’ve yet to kick this plan into any real motion, I certainly plan to in 2013. There are many reasons to do so and Joel documents a few.

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What’s In Your Toolbox?

You might have heard of a guy called Michael Hyatt, and if you’re a writer, podcaster, blogger, or general somebody looking to leave a mark, Mr Hyatt is a man to follow. This post talks about all the tools he uses, and boy is this one cool-ass list

Seriously, take a look and check out all the kit he uses. Some are expensive, much isn’t. Whatever it is you do, I’m positive you’ll find some cool things to buy.

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Have Platform?

I know I know, you’ve heard me say it many times before, but on this occasion it isn’t me, rather Nina Amir telling you to develop a platform.

This is a great post that points out some reasons to get working on your own platform. If you won’t listen to me, listen to Nina 😉

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Exciting New Plugin…

Author Media has created a new plugin, or should I say, creating…

They have a Kickstarter campaign underway for a rather interesting little product that I’m sure will grab the attention of many authors (including moi). I suggest you check this out because it’s rather cool.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

Publishers are up to some dirty tricks and this post by David Gaughran paints a very clear picture.

I’m not one of these self-published authors who hates the traditional world (it still plays a very important role), but treatment like this is pathetic. They need to get things under wrap or they could see their entire industry unravel. People won’t put up with this nonsense when they have other options – which these days they most certainly do!

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And that’s that. Thanks for dropping by and have a most wonderful weekend. Next Week Beyond Parallel will be FREE all week as I embark on The New Adult Man Campaign.

I hope you’ll join me and help share. It should be one very interesting week.

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