Welcome to another rendition of TURNDOG TALKS TO: my attempt at interviewing people with a story to share.

Listening to people offer their tales is one of my favourite parts of this job, and today I’m delighted to be speaking to: Briana Borten – a woman who helps people get what they want. Briana’s story is a great one that’s surrounded by her passion of healthy living. She’s done a great deal over the years but it’s always focussed around her passion. Isn’t that amazing?

I speak to Briana about mistakes and how she’s overcome them over the years. It’s all in aid of The Successful Mistake: inspiring tips, tricks & tales from 250 successful entrepreneurs. It’s a book that’s taught me a great deal so far and I’m delighted to have Briana part of it.



Briana BortenBriana is an Entrepreneur and a woman who helps you get what you want. Having built her business world on her passion for wellbeing, she offers advice and guidance to those looking to craft their own unique journey. Briana also owns several Health Spa’s and co-founder of the Imbue Body Pain Relief Patch.

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The Interview Overview

  1. I talk to Briana about the time she opened up a cafe/restaurant next door to one of her Spa’s
  2. Briana discusses diversification, and how sometimes it isn’t always the right thing to do – especially if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons
  3. We discuss passion and the drive it gives to a business. Briana had always built things up from passion, but her cafe didn’t start in this manner
  4. She goes into the process of finally letting go and getting out of something before it’s too late. These days the cafe is doing great, but only after Briana let go of the reigns and let someone else come on board
  5. We talk about how she now approaches new opportunities, and the boxes it needs to tick before she even considers getting involved
  6. We finish off by talking about fear and how it can stop you from doing what you need to do – fight the fear as best you can!

Thanks for dropping by and joining us for this marvelous edition of Turndog Talks To

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