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Welcome to TURNDOG TALKS TO: the time of the week where I interview people with a story to share.

I love listening to people with a story to share and today I’m delighted to be speaking to Natalie Sisson – The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Natalie travels the globe and helps people develop entrepreneurial skills. Her site is superb and I’m delighted to hear her own tales today.

I speak to Natalie about mistakes and how she’s overcome them over the years. It’s all in aid of The Successful Mistake: inspiring tips, tricks & tales from 250 successful entrepreneurs. It’s a book that’s taught me a great deal so far and I’m delighted to have The Suitcase Entrepreneur part of it.


841738412_natalie-15-bw.jpgNatalie Sisson is a Suitcase Entrepreneur creating more freedom in business and adventure in life for people who have always dream of building a business they love and can run from anywhere in the world. She taps into the new way of working to show you how to use online tools, social media and worldsourcing to create a thriving online business and a lifestyle designed around what matters most to you.

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The Interview Overview

  1. I talk to Natalie about mistakes and how they’ve affected her over the years
  2. Natalie discusses a rather small mistake, but one with large repercussions.
  3. She discusses self-doubt and how she stilted in the beginning because she didn’t truly believe in herself
  4. It didn’t stop her growing, but it stopped her growing as fast as she could. It took this knock to ale her see what she was actually capable of
  5. She started to think big, backing her ideas, and believing in what she was doing. Once this came to be she was able to grow at an exciting pace
  6. We talk about people like Steve Pressfield and his book, Turning Pro – how you need to take yourself seriously if you want to achieve your potential
  7. These days she tries to help people see themselves in a better light and guide them forward

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