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Last week I produced the first edition of The Great Author Order, and today I continue by looking at some of the Young Adult Authors that engage with their readers in a unique and marvellous way. It’s no secret that I like to see writers communicate with their readers, and with all the possibilities these days there’s much that can be done.

Here are 5 Young Adult Writers doing great things:


John Greene

John Greene is one of today’s most popular Young Adult writers so I suppose he could be pardoned for being too busy to head online and chit-chat away. This doesn’t stop him, though, and via his website and Facebook page he engages to great effect.

He has a huge following on Facebook and keeps people up to date with the happenings in his world – both personal and book related. His site is full of great content and I love what he does on Youtube – regularly uploading videos and using a very hands on method to reach out to those who love him.


Veronica Roth

I can’t remember how I came across Veronica, but I found myself reading Divergent and falling in love – not just with the book – which is very good by the way – but the way she engages with her readers. Her Blog is very simple (old school Blogger account) but boy does she use it well.

What really struck me was when she agreed to write an extra short story (from the POV of her lead male character) if enough pre-orders were made for the second book in her series. Her fans came together and she kept good to her promise, and Roth has become one of the big success stories on sites like Goodreads (another great medium to connect with people).


Emily Lockhart

Emily is another writer who has a savvy way to engage with her readers, which are, remember, teenagers. On her site she has a menu called: FUN – which as I’m sure you can imagine is full of fun treats.

From quizzes to music to insights into her world, this is a great area for readers to find out more and create a ‘real’ relationship with the writer. Team this with her good use of Twitter and you have a writer who’s always there, chatting away with her readers and making them feel part of the journey. Love it!


Amanda Hocking

The queen of self-publishing? Most will say yes, and although I’m sure a certain amount of fortune played a part, it’s no surprise why Amanda found so much success. Like Veronica, her Blog is old-school-simple, but she updates it often with sneak peek content and info about her life.

She shares her reading and what she’s doing, and she uses Facebook to great effect, too. It would have been easy for Amanda to take her foot off the pedal when she got her big publishing deal, but her readers clearly mean a great deal to her. This is great to see and shows what can be achieved. Did her community arrive on the back of her success, or was her success down to her great community? Hmmm, good question, but I suspect the latter played a greater part.


Emlyn Chand

In comparison, Emily’s following is smaller than the rest, but it doesn’t stop her connecting with people on deep and meaningful levels. I came across Emily through Novel Publicity (great for writers) but her own writing is leading the way in what she does.

I adore her Facebook activity. Her readers connect with her often,and the way she shares aspects of her world and immerses people into it is something all us writers can take note of.

There we go, five Young Adult Writers getting it done!

The Great Author Order is my way of sharing individuals, who, in my opinion, are leading the way in engagement and communication – at least those I’ve come across. There are so many writers not doing enough in my opinion, but there are plenty doing great things. Let’s celebrate the greatness!

If you have a Young Adult writer that you think is worthy of this list please add them in the comments below.

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