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Happy Easter. No matter what your beliefs, this time of year is guaranteed delicious. Seriously, I feel very very full 🙁

Placing my greedy ways to one side, I want to share 5 Apps You Should Own In 2013 and beyond. I have many on my phone and could have many more, and although many are great, I want to share a mere few that can help you grow as an entrepreneur and self-made-human being.

Life on a mobile device is the future, and although part of this is worrying, I prefer to look on the brighter side. Here Are 5 Apps You Should Own In 2013!



If you don’t have this there’s a chance you’ve heard about it recently – largely because its 17 year-old owner has sold it to Yahoo for $30 million.

If you’re unaware, Summly breaks down news articles into smaller chunks, which is great when you’re on the move and trying to digest info as quickly as possible. I’ve used this app for a few months now and it is very good. You get  great snapshot of what’s occurring and have the option to discover more if you so wish. A very intuitive app, which could get a great deal better – although Yahoo aren’t always the best at acquiring, are they?

Why you need it? You can never learn too much or know enough about the world around you. Summly provides this without wasting time.

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I love Kickstarter, not just as a platform to release and expose products, but a means to find new things, meet new people, and keep on top of growing trends. Seriously, if you want to know what the current must-have-item is, look no further than Kickstarter.

This app is amazing because it brings everything that you need in a VERY simple and user friendly format. If I have a few minutes to spare I’ll often open it up, browse around, and get rather excited. Again, you can never learn too much and Kickstarter keeps teaching on a daily basis.

Why you need it? As an entrepreneur you need to know what’s going on. Who knows if crowdfunding will stay around, but at the moment it’s a great means to keep up to date and find amazing new ideas.

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TED Talks

If you don’t frequently watch TED Talks then you should – go, go do it right now!

The world’s great minds come together and discuss what’s important. No matter what the subject, TED will have touched upon it at some point, not only with a mediocre figure, but someone truly making a difference. This platform inspires, teaches, and rejuvenates even the most exhausted of minds.

Why you need it? Access to some of the world’s greatest talks in the palm of your hand. If you ever have 20 minutes to kill, watching a TED Talk is one of the best ways to spend it.

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Sum Up

I love the future (aka, the present) and one aspect that has me all excited is mobile payments. NFC is the future (in my opinion), but until that takes off, companies like Sum Up are improving our lives.

I hate cash, and in the future, as I do more talks and signings, I want the option to take card payments in a simple and effective way. Sum Up provides this (I use these guys, but there are plenty of other options out there), allowing me to take card payments with only my iPhone or iPad needed.

Why you need it? Taking card payments JUST makes sense on so many levels, and chances are you’re an individual who moves around a lot. An app like this takes your business to the next level

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I know, I preach about how good Evernote is at least once a week, but I couldn’t leave it out – not when discussing Apps YOU SHOULD OWN.

However organised you may or may not be, Evernote is an intuitive way to keep your world in order. I love the recent updates, too, and the new layout makes the entire experience all the more enjoyable. If you’ve yet to try Evernote, I suggest you do. I tried and failed three times before falling in love.

Why you need it? You’re busy with lots to do. You come up with new ideas, have meetings to document, and a  to-do list the size of last year’s christmas tree. Need I say more?

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There you go, 5 Apps You Should Own In 2013, not only because they’re fun and cool and hip, but because they’ll help you learn and grow your world. I have all of these apps and am happy I embraced each one. We live in a great age of smartphone-goodness, so take advantage of it and fill your device with lots of lovely apps.

Do you have any to add to this list? I’d love to hear them…

Turndog – @turndog_million

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