Your Book Isn’t Selling: What You’ve Never Been Told






Today I’m delighted to welcome Mayor A Lan to the site – someone I met on Goodreads and who has some wise words to share with us all. I love the mantra of giving, and this post is all about that. Take it away, Mayor.


The joy of every Author, both indie and traditional, is to see their books sell in the thousands – if not millions. But this is not the case with most Indie Authors as many will go through the pain of writing a book, getting it published, and then watching as the show stops with nobody buying or reading.

But why will your book not sell?

This is why:


1.Starting Out, Nobody Knows You:

This is the case for every Self Published Author. When you are starting out as an Indie Author, nobody knows you that you exist. We hear tales of Authors becoming bestsellers, those Self Published Authors breaking the mould.

The truth is that, they all started as an unknown author just like me and you, but they worked their way up to bestselling fame.



2. Starting Out, Nobody Knows Your Book Exist

Just as nobody knows you as an author, nobody knows your book exists out their among the million of Self Published books occupying space online. If we looks at the Amazon Kindle Store, millions are sitting down doing nothing – no sales, no review, and no page views! Also, how many books are just sitting there on CreateSpace’s book shelf and database without a single order or sale? Several I guess.

Such is the dilemma many Indie authors face, especially those new to the game.These are the two reasons why your books isn’t selling – at least not in the numbers we would all like. Don’t worry, though, there is still hope, and although there’s some bad news, there’s the good, too.

You Need To Get Noticed, Until Then Nothing Happens:

I can’t but help stress this enough:  You need to get noticed as an Indie Author – until that time, nothing happens other than selling your book to friends and family. Its time to hit the social media arena, build an author platform, market and promote your books in a Smart and Savvy way, and become a cheerful giver.

Everything you do from hitting the social media arena to marketing your books overall, is built in order for your author platform to blossom. It’s all about giving, rather than receiving, and receiving usually only comes after a lot of cheerful giving has been done.

From providing useful content on your blog to giving away lots of free books, giving helps you escape the unknown. Being a cheerful and uncensored giver is part of what Self Publishing is all about. Gone are the days when Authors simply write books and publish. It’s easy to do that these days, and technically becoming an author is a breeze – an ordinary self-published author that is.

To become a success you have to kick yourself out of obscurity. There are other ways to do this, but generosity is certainly a route to greatness. Through Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Your blog,  the Amazon Kindle store, and everywhere else, you have the opportunity to give freely.

Get the word out about yourself and your book, and today is the day to get started. Be smart and generous and slowly but surely escape the obscurity that we all face in the beginning.

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