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Welcome to TURNDOG TALKS TO: the time of the week where I interview people with a story to share.

Listening to people share their stories is something I love, and considering a large aspect of The Successful Mistake involves interviewing entrepreneurs, I listen to a lot of tales. I’m happy to share one with you today from Arnold du Toit: a young entrepreneur making marks in the British Business world.

Arnold and I discuss mistakes and how he takes what he has learned in recent years into every new day. This is in aid of The Successful Mistake: inspiring tips, tricks & tales from 250 successful entrepreneurs, and I’m delighted to welcome you into this world.


arnold du toitArnold du Toit is a design engineer who happens to have a love for Golf and Cars. This passion took him on the journey that ultimately resulted in the creation of Rolley Golf: a hop on Golf Trolley ready to take the world by storm.

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The Interview Overview

  1. Arnold and I talk about the early stages of Rolley Golf and how, in hindsight, he feels they rushed out the product
  2. The early Rolley Golf models were great, but a little on the erratic side, and so the impact that they hoped for didn’t quite materialise
  3. It affected the confidence of certain people in the team – they thought they were close to the finish line, but in reality they were closer to the start
  4. Arnold learned a lot from this time. It taught him to step back, evaluate the situation, and take charge
  5. He took all the positives that were floating around and recognised the negatives. It turned out that people liked the fast model and the excitement, and this was able to be transferred into future models
  6. Arnold came of age during this period, taking charge and leading people through a potentially difficult time.
  7. Overall Arnold discusses what he took from this experience. He learned how to deal with obstacles, how to approach the future, and arguably, most important of all, about the product and where it needed to go.
  8. Early mistakes, maybe, but it was these that brought him to where he stands today

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