The Kickstarter Launch


Today is a BIG Day!

I’ve spent the last year or so keeping a close eye on Kickstarter – finding cool gadgets, uncovering intriguing brands, and discovering like minded folk. It’s treated me well as I’ve come across many great things, but all the while I’ve been studying too: what makes a good campaign, the right words to use, how to craft a video to end all videos…

It’s lead me to here: The Launch Of The Beyond Parallel Kickstarter Campaign


Beyond Parallel was released in January – a very proud day – but my dream has always been to see it in Print and hold it in my bare hands. That’s what the Kickstarter Campaign is in aid of, and today is the day when the epic journey of raising £2,743 begins!

We have 30 days to raise the money, and should we be successful then I’ll be able to Print the Beyond Parallel Paperback, Launch the Limited Edition Hardcover, Produce the T-Shirts, Tote Bags, and Special Edition Litograph Poster, and all of the other goodies that can be yours from JUST £3

I’m rather excited and nervous at the moment and I have much to learn in the next 30 days. I hope you’ll be part of this journey with me, and this is how you can be:





To see the 10 Rewards, how the money will be spent, and how a little can become a lot, PLEASE CLICK HERERaising £2,743 is no easy feat, but  with your HELP it can be done with time and pennies to spare. This isn’t only my journey, but ours – should you choose.

Let’s do this!

Turndog – @turndog_million

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