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Today’s amazing guest is Tom Greveson, the founder of Revolution Viewing. I saw Tom speak at my old University (we be Alumni Peeps) and, well, do you know sometimes how you see something and just NEED to know more? This is what happened, hence why I HAD to include Tom in The Successful Mistake.

We discuss mistakes, startup hardship, and figuring out exactly who your target audience is. Breathe in the advice, folks:



tom grevesonTom Greveson is a great lover, he loves music by Hendrix, The Stones, The Beatles, Arcade Fire, Simon & Garfunkel, The Jam, Joy Division and The Smiths. Tom also loves kiteboarding, snowboarding, wake-boarding and playing around with boats, jet skis and tractors (preferably all at once in the sea at Rhosneigr). Tom’s favourite city is Annecy, France. Tom dislikes writing in the third person, he finds it rather formal. I established Revolution Viewing LTD (digital media company specialising in interactive web content) in 2004 and absolutely love managing a great bunch of people that (I’m pleased to say) enjoy what they do. Lucy is my lovely, beautiful and patient girlfriend and Oscar is my crazy, daft and impatient little boy.

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The Interview Overview

  1. Tom discusses how he tried to do too much in the beginning and how he struggled to say no
  2. We talk about having a rough idea about what you want to do, but how it takes time to refine this and drive forward
  3. He talks about becoming a master of something rather than trying to do all – how Revolution Viewing targeted a smaller market, but this is when everything came together
  4. We discuss expansion, and how growing too fast has its issues
  5. Tom expanded into recruitment, but the passion wasn’t quite there. It distracted from what he’s spent years building
  6. We finish the interview off by digesting ‘focus’ and how he approaches new ideas now. It has to align with his world, vision, and what they’re all spent years creating.

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