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I’m a proud father to a four month old lad who’s quite frankly perfect.

I know all parents say such things, but it’s true. He’s my greatest achievement, and no matter how many books I write, amazing people meet, and projects I work on, it will never surpass the splendor that’s Kid Turndog. I suppose in many ways this is a given. There’s a point to this spewing love though, and it’s linked to Kickstarter, or more specifically, the Beyond Parallel Kickstarter Campaign.


Create Something Of Utter Uniqueness

I’m a firm believer in value, and when it comes to Kickstarter it’s all about offering something that the reader cannot get elsewhere. Kickstarter is all about The Story, placing the reader in the journey and crafting a tale that they NEED to be part of.

I spent weeks thinking about the Rewards that I’d offer. I considered design and price and the feasibility of writing potentially dozens of handwritten notes. I’m proud of what’s on offer. I’ve provided a set of rewards that can’t be had elsewhere. Whether it’s the Limited Edition T-Shirt, the Special Hardcover that’s limited to a mere 50 copies, or my signature and personalised love, I’m happy with the result, but there’s one reward I want to offer but not for people to purchase.


The Kid Turndog Edition

The very first copy that comes out of that tanfangled book machine is already reserved for him. Sorry, but the very first book of all my books has his name on it.

I might not be able to offer you the first, but I can offer a single book of unique awesomeness.

The very first Pledger on the Kickstarter Campaign is George Potter (that’s my son – you can check here). I’m going to sign and personalize this book and have Kid Turndog place his gorgeous little painted hand on it, scribble his whimsical four month old handwriting, and give it to one Pledger at random.

Whether the pledge is £3 or £500!


Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be Sold

I wouldn’t feel right selling this Reward. Some things in this world are above a price tag – it taints it.

Instead I want it to be a gift to those who believe in this, join this journey NOW, and want to be part of it from the beginning. Is it fair that someone who Pledges £3 has the same chance as someone who pledges £103? Maybe not, but in my eyes each person who joins this journey is special.

The moment I place this unique book in an envelope will be a strange one. I sense I’ll feel somewhat overwhelmed. It shows that the journey – at least this journey, right now – is complete and another dream has been tackled. It demonstrates that I’m not alone, rather surrounded by lots of people who care. It means my son is a tangible part of Beyond Parallel, on top of it being dedicated to him already.


Your Journey Begins Today

There’s a long way to go on this journey, but you can be part of it RIGHT NOW.

Don’t just buy a book today, buy into a journey. Don’t passively click Buy Now or One-Click, be part of the bigger story on offer. Join an amazing group of people who are very special indeed. If you do you may be holding a book with a painted handprint from the most special kid in the whole universe

He is in my eyes, anyway 🙂

Turndog – @turndog_million

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