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I’m delighted to welcome Tom Ewer to the stage today, a man who’s taking the online world by storm. We talk about mistakes and coming out on top, and you guessed it, it’s all in aid of The Successful Mistake.

Tom’s words will help the many so be sure to watch this video and share the love. The more people who see this, the better:


tom-ewerTom Ewer is a freelance writer and blogger from the English town, Rugby. He runs LeavingWorkBehind.com, a Blog aimed at those looking to leave the 9-5 humdrum and stake a life of their own creation. Tom started like many, with the dream to work for himself and build a life on freedom. It didn’t all go according to plan though, but it’s this that lead him to LeavingWorkBehind and a loyal community of like minded individuals.

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The Interview Overview

  1. Tom and I talk about his first venture into online business
  2. He placed all of his eggs in one basket with the aim to create several niche sites that would generate mass passive income
  3. Tom came across issues though, and he turned toward his Blog to vent, share, and be honest about the good and the bad
  4. He talks about how something amazing happened. How people were connecting with him, asking questions, and forming a rather loyal community.
  5. All of this pointed him down a new road, a path with loyal individuals willing to buy his products and services so long as he placed them at the centre: aka, listened to what they needed.
  6. We talk about the money wasted and how he would do things differently, but Tom is thankful for this mistake as it opened up a whole new world – all on the back of being honest and open with what he was doing.

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