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Welcome to TURNDOG TALKS TO: the time of the week where I interview people with a story to share.

I’m lucky to talk to Stephanie Roper today, The Wardrobe Angel. The topic, as it so often is, is mistakes and overcoming them. And of course, it’s in aid of my book, The Successful Mistake.

Sit back and enjoy this fine advice from a young woman getting it done:


1ade5ccd957f54c3eec6bea7c4fa2b91Stephanie’s successful career as a Visual Merchandising Manager has taken her to London, America, Dubai and Manchester via some big high street hitters: Marks & Spencer, H&M and New Look. Visual Merchandising Managers are responsible for the ‘look’ of a store: the window presentation, where the clothes are situated and how the mannequins are dressed and styled. But way, way, way before she started climbing that career ladder she was dressing herself from aged 2 and had a big sense of style for a small person!

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The Interview Overview

  1. Stephanie talks about her move to Dubai with her then partner.
  2. Her instinct was not to, but she remained open minded and took the big leap
  3. After just six months she returned home with no house or job, and Stephanie talks about the difficulties this brought, and how it drained her emotionally and financially
  4. She discusses how it helped her realise her passion for clothes – having done so much packing
  5. It ultimately spawned the Wardrobe Angel, and we talk about how this mistake lead her down the right path

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