12 Books in 12 Months…Have I Lost My Mind?




I know what you’re thinking, I’m out of my mind insane to consider writing 12 Books in 12 Months. Those of you who’ve written a single book know how difficult the process is, so why on earth would I set out on this rather challenging challenge?

Well, let me explain a few things first:

  1. These 12 Books are Non-Fiction
  2. They are Short Guides – not long winded affairs
  3. They form part of the Starter-Kit Seriessomething I’m rather excited about

Still insane, but not as mentally unhinged as originally thought, right? This post is all about the 12 in 12 Challenge I’m setting myself, why I’m doing it, and what it involves. It’s a challenge of perseverance and following through, passion and a little money, and learning and improving a craft I feel dearly about.

Ready to be part of a journey full of unstable moments and pure craziness? Good, I’m glad you said that…


What is the 12 in 12 Challenge?

The premise is rather simple: write one book per month for a whole year.

I developed this idea from Correy Wadden (Millionaire By 25) after I saw him craft a few short Ebooks that cover a niche market. These books aren’t aimed to sell millions, rather fulfill a need for a select group of individuals. They’re affordable and practical guides that can quickly create luxurious passive income – A HUGE aim of mine for 2014.

I reaslised that I have knowledge in various areas – not necessarily expert knowledge where I could write and in-depth book aimed at the professional, but certainly a helpful and practical kit for those starting out. I’m confident about this because I’ve self-taught myself in the last couple of years – thus I know what a beginner craves.

Therefore this is what you can expect from the Starter-Kit Series:

  • Short Books (no more than 50 pages)
  • Practical Books (lots of links to videos, interviews, downloadable worksheets, etc)
  • Back to Basic Books (no jargon, simply to-the-point content that you need)
  • Expert Insights (each book will include interviews with great minds who know more than me 🙂

And this is what you won’t find in these books:

  • Lots of Text (quick and useful reading only)
  • In-Depth Views (need more? I’ll link elsewhere)
  • Boring and Bogged-Down Books (fun little reads that won’t add to your worries)

It’s as simple as that. These books won’t suit everyone, but for those who need them they’re ideal. Still, it’s a big challenge so why am I doing this? If they’re not going to sell in the thousands, what’s the point?


Why the Hell am I Doing This?

 There are many reasons to partake in a challenge like this (and many reasons not to), but these are my main thoughts:

  1. I Want to Extend Who I Help
  2. I Want to Improve My Passive Income (products that make money whilst I sleep)
  3. I Want to Publish Twenty Books as Quickly as Possible
  4. I Want to Improve My Writing
  5. I Want to Become a More Discplined Go-Getter

If, in a year’s time (when 12 of these books are on sale) if each book sells 20 copies a month, it’ll provide around $500 per month. Although it takes time and effort to write books like these, once they’re written they’re written. And then, as my platform grows and more reviews come in, the number of books sold each month may rise to 30… or 40… or 60… and who knows, a couple of the books may prove popular and sell hundreds each month meaning my passive income suddenly BOOMS.

Of course, money isn’t everything. Writing the 12 in 12 Challenge means more books written by Matthew Turner. When I speak to writers they say, “write more. Get your next book out quickly, and then the next one, and then the one after that.” For many it takes several books before the snowball grows, which makes sense when you consider that more books equals more authority and betters your chance of being found and loved.

But above all I’ll learn a great deal. I learn more about publishing and blogging and editing. I’ll develop discipline and the ability to turn work around quickly – all the while maintaining quality. Writing a short book in a month is no easy feat, but by sticking to a plan and showing up when you need to show up, it’s more than doable.


What to Expect Next?

My first offering is taking a little longer than a month – largely because I’m still crafting a template that I’m happy with. Once the first one is complete the rest will follow the same style and format.

Although I’ve not decided on all 12 titles yet, these are my initial thoughts:

  • Skype Interviewing
  • Introvert Networking
  • Buffer
  • Scrivener
  • Solopreneur Backpack
  • DIY Video
  • Personal Brand
  • Ultimate About Page
  • Brand Story
  • Coffee Shop Office

The first in the Starter-Kit Series is: The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit: a Beginner’s Guide to Recording & Interviews on Skype.

Some of these books will be shorter than others, and some will be more expensive (between $.99 – $4.99). They all cover topics I know well (or am learning about RIGHT NOW) and they all cover something I’m passionate about. It’s been a grand experience so far and I can’t wait  to connect with all the people I’ve lined up for interviews. It’s a tough and manic process, but I’m super stoked.


There’s no set date on launch day, but the moment The Skype Interviewing Starter-Kit: a Beginner’s Guide to Recording & Interviews on Skype goes live, the 12 in 12 challenge begins. You can get involved RIGHT NOW and be part of this journey from the outset:

  1. Follow Me on Facebook (I’ll document everything I do)
  2. Sign Up to the Mailing List (dedicated emails about the Starter-Kit Series – including giveaways and freebies)
  3. Email Me Now (let me know your thoughts, ideas, and advice)

I’m determined to fulfill this challenge no matter how it damages my psyche, but I need good folk around me feeding ideas and support. I hope you’ll be part of it, and hopefully at least one book in the Starter-Kit series will fulfill a need.

Oh, and why not sign up for the FREE Storytelling Starter-Kit which inspired this entire Series. You know… take it for a test drive:)

Turndog – @turndog_million

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