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This post is for those yet to figure it out. It’s for the scared, self-doubting, forever wondering, and still figuring it out. If you’re a millionaire who sleeps 8 hours each night and owns an island, carry on walking because this post isn’t for you 😉

That’s right, I’m a man still figuring it out. I get scared, suffer self-doubt, and when I release a new book or product or come up with a new idea, I imagine it taking off and making a difference, but I also ponder the potential disaster in waiting. I don’t consider myself a pessimist, in fact I’m rather a whimsical optimist. I’m not a glass half empty kid, but I haven’t achieved anything yet either.

You feel my pain, right?

  • Yes, we work from coffee shops
  • Yes, we’re free to travel the globe
  • Yes, we answer to nobody but ourselves

We’re literally living the dream, but people don’t appreciate how scary living the dream is, and as you read this – entrepreneur, soloprenuer, writer, artist, freelancer, designer, small business owner, dreamy dreamer – you’re nodding your head because you understand what I’m talking about. You get it! You love the lifestyle and the potential awaiting, but it doesn’t make it easy.

You’re not alone and I’m here to share how Storytelling helped ME and how it will help YOU too.

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All We Need is Clarity

I sometimes wish I could meet the future me – the Turndog from 2020 maybe, or 2025. He can tell me everything is fine in the future. I can stop worrying and be free as a bird. I can’t do this, of course, and in many ways I don’t want to because the fear keeps me going.

However, living each day devoured by stress and anxiety isn’t the way to go either. We have to come up with ways of coping, growing, and most importantly, ENJOYING. Everyone has their own way of doing this (meditation, running, drawing, writing…) but the one thing that helped me form clarity in a crazy and scary world is Storytelling. We all have a unique tale – including you – and by focussing on what this truly means the hazy fear lifts and brings a light like no other.



Wondering in the Wilderness

I left my job, threw myself in my writing, and was living the dream. Only, things weren’t exactly going according to plan. I kind of knew what I wanted to do, but not really. I sort of understood who I was targeting, but not really. It made sense, in a way, only… not really. I was Wondering in the Wilderness: literally and figuratively finding myself and my true calling.

I think most people starting out on their own goes through this, and at some point you stop, look yourself in the mirror, and ask, “What am I doing? What do I really want to do?”

What I did was immerse myself in ME. I considered boyhood Turndog, teenage Turndog, young man Turndog, and the Turndog in five…ten…fifteen years time. I was inadvertently devouring my story and trying to make sense of it, and what it did was provide clarity and maze of ideas I couldn’t believe didn’t appear sooner.



How Storytelling Will Help You Right Now!

If you’re Wondering in the Wilderness don’t worry because you’re not alone. Look at a successful person and all you see is someone who was once lost but has since found their place in the world.

I’m not suggesting that focussing on your Story magically fixes all your problems, but I am saying that Your Story is UNIQUE.

We live in a chaotic world of competition and messages and trying to stand out from everybody else. Most things can be copied and replicated, but your Story is unique to you. It cannot be stolen. It’s yours and yours alone. This is why I love Storytelling and being a Storyteller – because each is different and a special little wallflower.

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Rather than focussing on your Twitter or Facebook today, instead think about YOUR Story.

  • Where have you come from?
  • What makes you special?
  • Why are your friends, friends with you?
  • What makes you different and unique and perfectly YOU?
  • What’s your style and way of thinking?
  • And why the hell are you trying to conform to be like everyone else?

Storytelling makes you focus on YOU. It prevents you thinking about how other people are doing it and what other people are saying and that you should do this and that you should do that. It forces you to be YOURSELF! In doing so it helps you see your product/service/customer/message and the way that you communicate in a totally new light.

In other words, it forms clarity.


When I began looking at my story I not only discovered that I’m a Storyteller, I realised that the way I speak, dress, look, and act is wonderful. It’s what makes me, me, and although some may hate me for it, others love it – just like Amy Ambirge is loved, and Mars Dorian and AJ Leon and Mayi Carles and a whole bunch of other folk that are unique, quirky, and very special indeed.

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I’m still figuring it out and I still get scared and worry, but my life is clearer than it once was and what I do now makes sense. It began with Storytelling and is helping me refine and define it further each day. YOU CAN DO THE SAME.


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