The Who, Why, And What of a Turndog




It’s probably no surprise people shower me with curiosity about the origins of Turndog Millionaire. It is, after all, rather a strange name.

I’ve finished countless interviews, discussions, and meetings only for the other person to say, “do you mind me asking what Turndog is all about?” I always smile and happily share the story because it’s part of my tale. And that’s what this Post is about: sharing info about the Who, Why & What of a Turndog.

Although I urge you to devour My Story  because it provides a far greater insight into who I am and what-and-why I do it.

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What The Hell is a Turndog?

It was a chilly Tuesday night in the year 2000 as a sixteen year old boy named Matthew Turner shivered at rugby  training. He was neither big nor fast, or particularly any good, but he loved the game and had been part of this team – the mighty King Cross – since a sprite eleven-year-old.

There was nothing special about this training session, but a single something occurred that would later change everything. He was running, charging, in all honesty stumbling, when suddenly a cry screeched out from over his left shoulder. “Turndog, pass!” yelled Luke Garnet, the tall ginger haired man-child that Matthew had known for years, and never – not even once – had he called him anything other than ‘Turner’.

Turner eyed him cautiously. The other players wondered what the hell Mr Garnet was talking about. A single Turndog transformed into a couple, and later manifested to many. As the years trickled by more and more people referred to him as Turndog, T-Dog, T-Bird, and a whole range of nonsensical nicknames.

Why? Well, why the hell not!

And so the name Turndog became a large part of Matthew Turner’s life. He used it to form his first email address, many online usernames, and basically built an alter-ego. You never know what a chilly Tuesday will bring, after all.



Why Turndog Millionaire?

I encourage you to Google: Matthew Turner. What do you see? Is it many many people by chance?

When leaving my job and setting up on my own, I didn’t want a traditional business with employees and corporate ladders. The business was me, and I, it. Matthew Turner is a common name though, so I wanted a Brand, a special something to stand out from the crowd: a name that stops people dead in the street and makes them mutter, “huh?!?!?”

I immediately knew Turndog was my answer, but how could I use this to greater effect? I scratched my chin and massaged my temples and thought and thought and thought. Then, as I took a shower one evening, it came to me: Slumdog Millionaire >>> Turndog Millioanire!

“Eureka!” I proclaimed, head under water and mouth filling with soap. It’s perfect. It’s memorable. It’s the name of a new beginning.



Who Is Turndog? Who Is Matthew?

My biggest worry was how I would separate Turndog and Matthew. Would people take me seriously? Would the intrigue transform to confusion? Would anyone actually give a !$%@?

I worried and thought and pondered a little bit, but in the end I needn’t stress because Matthew Turner and Turndog are the same – their aims match and are identical. Simply put: Turndog is Turner >>> Turner is Turndog.

I write my books under Matthew Turner, and when I meet someone I say, “Hello there, my name is Matthew.” I suppose Turndog is my cheeky and exciting side, so when doing something online, or proclaiming words I hope to stand out, Turndog takes the bull by the horns and leads the way forward. And everything I do is packaged under the Turndog Brand: Turndog Publishing, Turndog TV, Turndog Foundation, Turndog ????.

Turndog allows me to stand out, and as a brand and a business, its longevity is exciting and great. I love consistent branding and I knew I could do more with Turndog Millionaire than I ever could with Matthew Turner. Like I say I needn’t stress because the aim is always the same: to get better, to grow, to learn…


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Does Turndog Put People Off?

Another worry of mine in the early days, but would you like to know when things became easier as a whole? When I stopped worrying about this!

Using Turndog Online is fine because the internet is brimming with unique and quirky characters. Pronouncing my company name at a networking event though, or to a large client, well, raised eyebrows and skepticism may be had. WHO THE HELL CARES?!?

I’m proud of who I am and what I do, and I’m proud of Turndog and the unique and ridiculous faces it creates. It does put some people off. Some simply don’t get it, but these are not the people for me. Chances are if we did try to work together they wouldn’t like my ideas, the way I speak or act, or how I approach work, life and everything in between.

It’s not about finding any old person, it’s about connecting with the RIGHT PERSON.

I could probably go into further detail and answer more questions, but this, I feel, answers the burning questions most people have. They’re intrigued by the story behind Turndog (which I love to share), why I use it, and if I come across any issues because of it. Like I say, not everybody gets it. This does provide me with a rather instant insight into the person I’m speaking to, though. This saves a whole heap of time and helps me connect with like minded awesome brains that love living life differently and say the hell to conforming for the sake of it.


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