The Balance Of Storytelling & You




The Story of You deserves to be shared far and wide and with all the people who desire to hear it…read it…watch it…

It’s no secret I value the power of storytelling, but THE STORY OF YOU isn’t exclusively about you. Yes, you’re the main lead, but how many books or movies have a single character? There’s often a love interest or partner in crime or kooky sidekick providing depth and entertainment. THE STORY OF YOU is no different!

Today, people desire connections with real individuals. If you’re a writer, don’t hide in a shed and expect to become a literary success. If you’re a successful entrepreneur, don’t expect to stay hidden in the background. If you’re doing anything of worth, people will want to know about YOUR story… journeyand path taken.


The Balance of Storytelling & You

This site is about Nomadic Storytelling – meaning storytelling has no home: fiction, non-fiction, speaking, video, images, design…

The Story of You has no home either, and however you decide to share it is fine by me. If it represents who YOU are, who am I to argue?

You’re not the only person in this, though. Other individuals, aspects, and circumstances play important roles. This group of amazing characters may include:

  • Your Reader/Customer/Client
  • Key Suppliers
  • Team Members
  • Individuals/Brands You Adore & Use
  • Friends, Family & Mentors

I use words like You and Your as often as possible because this isn’t about me, it’s about us. Those who follow me and comment and sign up for mailing lists are part of this journey. You’re part of My Story. I like to link to and share important suppliers and brands, and as a writer, I think it’s important you know what software I use and why I love it – it’s part of My Story.

I may not have Team Members, but I do have an amazing editor. During my Kickstarter Campaign, it wasn’t about me, but other key individuals, too. And as for Friends and Family, well, there’s barely a day goes by I don’t refer to the gorgeous Kid Turndog.



Don’t Confuse This With Sales Tactics

A great way to convert a sales page is by using words like You and Your. Make the reader feel like you’re speaking to THEM, and your chances to sell increase. This plays a part, sure, but it’s not the main reason. The balance between You and Them in your story isn’t to convert or sell, rather to share the greater the story…the more meaningful one…the truthful version.

Imagine, if you will, what Harry Potter would be like without the relationship between Ron and Hermione? Or the growth of Neville Longbottom? Or the presence of Dumbledore? This is a series about Harry, but if it was ONLY about him, how goddamn boring would it be?

It’s not always people, either. It may be a particular colour that plays an important role (for me, purple), or an object (bowtie), or location (Yorkshire). Storytelling is about showcasing your unique side. More and more people embrace this fact, but too often I come across bland stories because they focus solely on them. They forget about the other important characters involved in their story.


Who and What is Important in Your World?

You can expand your story further. If you’re yet to embrace the power of storytelling, great, you can start Right Now. If you’ve embraced this wonderful world, re-visit what you’ve done so far and consider:

  • Who Helps Me Time and Time Again?
  • What Products Do I Use & Love?
  • Who Inspires Me?
  • How can I involve My Reader Better?
  • Where Do I Work Best & How Does This Help?

Some of my favourite About Me Pages are those that include Team Members in a unique way. When I discover someone I respect, I desire to know the tools they use. I also love it when those who inspire me showcase the people who inspire them.

There are key characters in Your Story wasting away in the background. You can change this right now and ensure they’re part of the grander picture. It takes your storytelling to new levels.


Above All, Remember The Balance

All said and done, don’t forget this is Your Story. You need to stand front and centre, but if it becomes a ‘You Lovefest’, well… issues occur

Not all characters are as big as the others, either. Harry is the main man, and the likes of Ron and Hermione and Dumbledore all play important roles. Neville and Hagrid and Draco, not so much, but they’re all vital in the grander tale.

It’s about finding the balance of Storytelling & You. Go forth and rock it out!



Who Plays a Vital Role in Your Story? Share Who They Are Below!

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