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One Day in September, some 29 years ago, I was born. However, that isn’t what this book, or, indeed, books are about. One Day in September is a six-part prequel set the day before TICK to the TOCK (my second novel, due out January 2014) begins.

When I decided to write the One Day in Septmeber series,  I brimmed with excitement, but then as the weeks ticked by, I began to question myself: Do I really want to write a further 20,000+ words? The extra workload has been tough, but very much worth it. I want to explain my reasons for writing such a grand series below, but first, let me introduce you to PART-1, which is Now Available To Download.


Each Edition of One Day in September is 3,500 words long, and told from the POV of one of TICK to the TOCK’S main characters. As well as the Short Story, each Part includes:

  1. A Downloadable Playlist
  2. An Author’s Commentary
  3. Behind the Scenes Access to One of My Fave Writing Hangouts
  4. Sneak Peek Info of TICK to the TOCK

PART-1 is told from the POV of Wilbur Day, the eccentric artist of the group, inspired by the likes of Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, and Dean Moriarty. Although only 3,500 words long, you’ll discover all about Wilbur, his loyalty towards his friends, and his hatred for Daniella Adams.

And that’s what you can expect from One Day in September: Six Short Stories set the day before TICK to the TOCK begins, told from the POV of each main character, and with an insight into who they are and what to expect from The Full Novel.

  • PART-1 ~~ Wilbur Day = AVAILABLE NOW
  • PART-2 ~~ Ethan Knight = Tuesday 29th October
  • PART-3 ~~ Daniella Adams = Tuesday 12th November
  • PART-4 ~~ Dante King = Tuesday 26th November
  • PART-5 ~~ Wilbur Day = Tuesday 10th December
  • PART-6 ~~ Dante King = Tuesday 24th December



I did something similar for Beyond Parallel, creating a FREE Short Story set the night before. I loved the experience, and believe it adds a new element to your novel, all the while enticing your reader prior to Launch Day. With TICK to the TOCK, I desired something more. Before I even began writing the first draft, I approached each character individually, writing several short stories from their own perspective – thus, developing their character.

I knew I had a good a prequel from the offset, and as the weeks ticked by, ideas flocked forward until the One Day in September Series was born in May. Still, writing six short stories is time consuming, so my reasons had to be sound. I had many, but these were the main culprits:


One of my main aims is to get more books into the marketplace (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Whatever…). Not only does this improve my chance of income, it also demonstrates how serious I am about Writing and the World I’m Building. The more I speak to writers, the more I realise it takes several books before momentum is had.

By this time next year I should have 20 Published Books, which is quite remarkable, because this time last year I had ZERO.


Ebooks and interactive means make reading a quick and easy past time these days. As such, there’s opportunities galore to connect with your readers. The idea of serializing a Book like a TV Show (splitting a 80,000 word novel into 4 chunks and releasing every couple of months, for instance) is intriguing to say the least.

It doesn’t work for every book, but Short Stories, Prequels, Add-Ons, Alternative Endings, and a whole host of other ideas are tried and tested by authors around the world. It’s a great opportunity to build an audience organically, spread out the cost, and remain consistent and relevant at all times. One Day in September is my first attempt of Serialising My Writing, and it’s a process I’m keen to follow closely.





One of the greatest aspects of being a Self Published Author, is the freedom to do what you like. I think it’s criminal if you don’t push the boundaries and try to offer readers more and more and more.

One Day in September provides an insight into each character’s POV (not available in TICK to the TOCK), a Downloadable Music Playlist, and a Behind-the-Scenes insight into the characters and where I write. All of this would be difficult to do if I was part of a Traditional Publisher, mainly because the Return on Investment is questionable. I don’t care though. I want to do it. I think readers want to read it. So guess what? I’m doing it!


Launching a book is tough. Comnpetetion, simply put, is rife. But because I’m releasing a new book every two weeks (between Mid October and Christmas), my chance of getting on people’s radar improves. I have reason to constantly publicise TICK to the TOCK for the next few months, all without talking about the novel in question.

It keeps things fresh, but relevant and specific at the same time. Also, if someone downloads all six parts, I feel there’s a good chance they’ll buy TICK to the TOCK on launch day. In a world where building momentum is key, a six-part prequel makes sense.

5: 20,000 + EXTRA WORDS

One Day in September has given me a chance to write and edit over 20,000 words. Which means I’m 20,000 words closer to perfection. 20,000 words more experienced. 20,000 words more varied and tested.

As a writer, practicing my craft is VITAL. One Day in September has provided me an amazing opportunity to Write, Edit, Write, Edit, Write, Write, Write.



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You can also follow me on FACEBOOK, and unearth all there is of One Day in September and TICK to the TOCK. I’m delighted to launch PART-1 Today and finally begin this process. Between now and Christmas, a further Five Parts will be released, and then early in the New Year (Wednesday 8th January), TICK to the TOCK will rise up and be available for your eyes enjoyment.

It’s going to be an incredible journey, so be sure to Follow It.

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