This Is How The Guy From Awesome Merchandise Became Awesome Too





Welcome to TURNDOG TALKS TO: the time of the week I interview people with a story to share.

On this occasion, it’s with Luke Hodson from Awesome Merchandise, a cool young buck from the City of Leeds (where I went to Uni) where his company, Awesome Merch, make rather awesome T-Shirts, Stickers, Badges, and general printed goodness.

The aim of this interview is to uncover some of Luke’s biggest mistakes, and how it’s guided him along his journey so far. Oh, and if you hadn’t guessed by now, it’s in aid of The Successful Mistake. Okay, so here’s what you can expect:


The Interview Overview

  1. Luke saw success fairly early on, but he wasn’t particularly enjoying himself because he wasn’t acting like himself.
  2. As a founder of a small company, he tried to come across as professional, acting in a manner he thought people wanted to see from him
  3. Luke talks about feeling stifled, and after a trip to SXSW realised how many people are being different and seeing success because of it.
  4. This was after 5 years of operation, and Luke discusses how he decided to be more like himself, have fun, and go back to the roots of what he set out to achieve.
  5. In other words, Luke became as awesome as Awesome Merch!
  6. However, Luke shares the importance of balance, and how being himself didn’t mean he wasn’t polite and professional and courteous.
  7. He recommends that people stand out, but not go crazy about it. A balance, as it so often is, is vital.
  8. Luke finishes up by saying how much he enjoys his work now, looks forward to a bright future, and talks about the brand he loves all of the times.

**At time of writing this, Luke and the Awesome team are in the process of moving into an amazing new warehouse, Good luck, guys and gals**




Luke Hodson, Awesome MerchandiseLuke Hodson is the founder of Awesome Merchandise, a print and merchandise company that make over 100 customisable products. Set up in his bedroom aged 19, and with an investment of just £350 Awesome Merchandise has fast become one of the UK’s favourite sources of custom print.

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