I believe the Power of Storytelling is the most compelling creation the human race has ever formed. I love the Internet and Aviation and Chocolate Cake as much as the next person, but the ability to Create & Share Stories shouldn’t be underestimated. Unfortunately, this is what happens every day. We take them for granted!



In a world where we’re bombarded with messages and advertisements for anything and everything, we desire more. We want to feel something and belong, and STORIES are something we trust.

Why, you ask?¬†Because who doesn’t have a fond memory about:

  • Being read to as a child
  • Reading to our own little ones
  • Gaping in awe at a wonderful real life tale
  • Sat around a campfire
  • A song… or a movie… or a novel… or a particular way a teacher taught you…

Storytelling is as old as time itself, yet how often do we consider our own story? When it comes to creating something (a Business, a Blog, a Product…) how often do YOU think about the journey you’ve taken all these years? That’s what this Manifesto is about.



It’s for the writer, the artist, the musician, entrepreneur, designer, wannabe business owner, disgruntled employee, confused student, and anyone who finds themselves staring into space and dreaming of ‘what could be‘. It won’t teach you how to write a story, nor does it offer tips on publishing your novel. What it shares is the journey of a forever storyteller who spent years avoiding it.¬†

It’s a collection of memories about a boy who didn’t read or write or show any particular talent in the area of spelling or grammar or poetic sentence structure, and how he became a man-writer. That’s right, a novelist with books to his name, and many more stories waiting to be written. It demonstrates how you can do it too, and if you don’t want to write books that’s fine, because it isn’t about writing. It’s about YOU doing what YOU need to do.


YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS. What I hope this Manifesto demonstrates is how my own memories opened up a whole new world. My creative side has forever been prodding and pushing me down a particular path, but life… and sense… and responsibility has tainted my good judgement. But the answers were there all along. I just had to start asking the right questions.

And you’ll learn to ask the right questions, too.

  • You’ll learn to think about your past and where you’ve come from
  • You’ll learn how to look out for the near invisible signs
  • You’ll learn to question what you thought was right all along
  • You’ll learn and discover the real you, and how you can share this with the world
  • You’ll learn what your True Story is


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Of course, you can SHARE this page however you like (Email, Google+, Pinterest, Down the Pub…), the point being I hope this Manifesto spreads far and wide. I also hope it helps you in your storytelling journey, because I truly believe your story will help you stand out in 2014 and beyond.


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