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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we live in a rather fast paced and competitive world. If you’re an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Solopreneur, Blogger, Podcaster, Artist, Writer, or Creative Game-Changer, you don’t need me to say standing out is the be-all-and-end-all. It isn’t about creating a brand, rather one that matters… has meaning. That’s why I love a good old Brand Story, and it’s also why I created The FREE 30 Day Brand Story Course.

I could go on about the features and lessons in this free course, but I’d rather go through the reasons why: Why I spent over 100 hours creating this. Why I think today’s go-getter needs to embrace their brand story. Why I’m giving it away for free. And why you should listen to a guy like me.

Of course, if all that sounds boring and you just want access to this free 30 day course, click the button.




My love for brand storytelling makes sense today, but it’s still rather new to me. Educated like most marketers, I surrounded myself with ROI and brand models and the various ways to communicate to customers. I enjoyed it for a while, but it took its toll, and it didn’t take long before I knew I didn’t belong.

I wasn’t a standard marketer or consultant.

I wouldn’t provide 90% of clients with what they expected or hoped for.

I. Was. Different. I wanted more.

And so I turned to writing (my passion), and considered how I approach a new novel and book… Why I fall in love with particular stories and characters… Why I adore writing and spending hours doing it, even though there’s often no definitive gain at the end.

My eureka moment hit, and I realised I approach marketing in the same way. I don’t wish to put a bandage over the problem, but go deep within and figure out what the problem is. I go in search for the story, because this is what offers meaning and passion and that special unique value just waiting to scream out.

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A Brand Story, if you will. The world of Brand Storytelling opened up before my eyes, and I welcomed it with open arms. In an instant I belonged, and didn’t feel different anymore. And in the time since, I’ve fallen deeper in love with what Brand Storytelling offers, because as the world becomes more chaotic and crazy, we yearn for people and business that offer something more.

You know what I mean when I say more, don’t you?

You want more, too. You don’t want to exist and to sell a product or service. You desire to leave an impact in this world. As a business owner and author this is what drives me. I’m sure it drives you, too. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. You don’t have to settle for the standard marketing mantras anymore, and you can forge the type of rabid communities Apple, Toms, Virgin, and Dollar Shave Club do.

It doesn’t need money or a fancy office. It begins with WHO you are and WHY you’re worthy. This is where your Brand Story begins, and it’s about to turn you upside down.




I get it. You’ve signed up to a bunch of free online courses already, and the emails keep coming. I’ve been there. We all have. Learning is part of growing, so it makes sense we sign up to courses and read books, and hope… just hope… it offers the insight we’ve been searching for.

I don’t know if The Free 30 Day Brand Story Course is your one true love. What I do know is this:

you have a brand story and it’s 100% unique to YOU.


Other people can replicate your ideas and copy your style, but your brand story is yours. They can’t touch it. Ever. This is why I love Brand Storytelling, because it forces you to search for the things that matter to you. This isn’t about having the same landing page as everyone else. Or following the latest trends. Or being on the right social media.

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This is about you. It’s about what makes you special. A Brand Story is about your belief, and what makes you and your business tick in the first place. It removes the money and burden and stress, and leaves nothing but meaning. And when you have meaning, today’s consumer listens. They care and want you to succeed, because too few businesses invite them into the process.

The majority push messages into their faces, and yes, pull techniques like content marketing and social media and CSR are still rather pushy. The moment you take a step back and share your Brand Story is the moment your true audience listens. But this isn’t an overnight fix. You can’t change the name of your About Page to Our Story and expect results.

I see this all the time and it sucks. It’s worse than not sharing your Brand Story in the first place.


If you choose to Join The Free 30 Day Brand Story Course Today, you choose to welcome the world of Brand Storytelling with open arms, but not only that, you choose to share your true Brand Story – not some fluffy nonsense cooked up over a weekend.

If you want fluff, get away from here. I’m not for you and you aren’t for me.

This course asks you to delve deep and go through my unique Discover + Create + Share Technique. This is what I use with clients, and I’m offering it to you for FREE. This comes back to my own personal WHY. Brand Storytelling offered me clarity, and I know how powerful and amazing it can be (if done properly).

I can’t help everyone one-on-one, but a course like this allows me to share what I’ve learned with everyone else who cares to listen. Because I believe every person and business has a valuable brand story waiting to unleash itself on the world. It’s your true message screaming to escape, and when you free it from confinement it’ll connect YOU and your IDEAL audience together.

It isn’t about pleasing everyone, rather ensuring this group of people fall head-over-heels in love. Achieve this and you’ve won. You don’t only have a business or product or service, but a movement… something with impact… a brand people are passionate about and share wholeheartedly.

Invigorate Your Brand in 30 Days - The Brand Story Way



Below is a button. Click it and fill it in. Once you do, you have instant access to The Free 30 Day Brand Story Course. If you’d like to learn more about the lessons on offer, watch a video from moi, and delve a little deeper before joining… Click Here.

It shares the full ins and outs, but be sure to join me on this misfit adventure, for I’ve poured my heart and soul into this course, and I believe it’ll ignite your brand into something today’s consumer craves. Whether you’re a solopreneur, online business owner, offline one, artists, writer, or creative go-getter, this free course is here to help you craft a brand story with meaning.



Each day I come across new brands and people sharing their brand story, and embracing brand storytelling in a way that blows me away. Often, they don’t even know they’re doing it. They’re passionate and believe in what they do, and this authenticity shines through and helps them develop and grow.

You too have this passion, right? You have a valuable message to share and one your ideal audience craves. You may not be sharing it right now, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s what this Free 30 Day Brand Story Course is for. It helps you discover your UVP and message, create a story that defines you, and share it like only you can, and with those who yearn for it.

Some say I should charge for a course I’ve spent over 100 hours on… That provides 14 actionable lessons… Provides 15+ downloads… Well, I say, “What the hell. Let’s be crazy and give share some love.”

Here’s to spreading the Brand Story love and ensuring more people embrace brand storytelling and its forward-thinking ways. I hope you enjoy this Free Course, and please let me know what you think (once you join, you have complete access to me). From here on, we’re in this together.






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