Why I Chose Publishizer To Crowd-Publish The Successful Mistake




You’ve heard of crowdfunding, and platforms like Kickstarter, Indigogo & JustGiving. What you may not know is, there are hundreds-and-hundreds-and-hundreds of these platforms, and more spring up each month. After interviewing Ethan Austin (founder of JustGiving), and unearthing what it was like being part of a brand new industry, it’s crazy to think where crowdfunding’s come over the last five-or-so years. Some offer everything, whereas others are rather niche. It’s great, yet somewhat overwhelming for someone like moi.

  • Which one should I choose?
  • Which one offers the best experience for my audience?
  • Which already has a thriving community that will ‘get‘ me?
  • Will I be a large fish in a small pond?
  • Or a tadpole in a giant ocean?

As someone with two failed Kickstarter Campaigns to my name, I’m wary about this whole thing. Failing hurts. It shatters your ego. You learn a lot, sure, but you don’t set out to fail or fall short. You strive to win and become a success story. I’ve wanted to Crowd-Publish The Successful Mistake for a long time, not least because it’s a True Crowd-Published Book (it became this the moment I interviewed 150+ successful entrepreneurs).

Should I try Kickstarter again? What about Indigogo? Or how about one of the other platforms swimming in the vast ether of  opportunity? Then I spoke to Tom Morkes, who introduced me to Guy Vincent. In an instant, I had my answer!


Guy and his team run Publishizer, a crowdfunding platform that specialises in books – and for the most part (at least, at the moment), non-fiction business books like The Successful Mistake. The Successful Mistake Publishizer campaign’s now live, so I recommend you CLICK HERE and check the platform out for yourself (whilst there, consider pre-ordering the book.. hint-hint)

I’ll talk more about Publishizer soon, and more important, why I chose them over Kickstarter and the numerous other platforms that exist (including many that specialise in books). First, let me explain why Crowd-Publishing The Successful matters to me, and why I’ve considered it a true community book for quite some time.

I explain the book’s origins in more detail on the Publishizer page, but to cut a long story short, soon after I left my job to become a self-made man, I began writing a book… this book… The Successful Mistake… a book that urged me to interview 160+ successful entrepreneurs, and ask them to share stories about their #GreatMistake and how they transformed them into success.

The moment I decided to include such a diverse range of people, it became a Crowd-Published Book!

Why I Chose Publishizer for The Successful Mistake


Without these inspiring minds, I’d have nothing to write about. I consider myself rather talented at certain things in life, but I’m only ever capable of good. If I desire great, I need to involve other people (editors, designers, mentors…), but The Successful Mistake has shown me how much deeper this can go.

It doesn’t stop with editors, nor does it end with interviews and the like. This is where it begins, because with so many readers, writers, entrepreneurs, creative folk, and go-getters who are sick and tired of the same-old-same-old, there’s a genuine opportunity in today’s social society to involve a crowd along each single step.

To me, a Crowd-Published campaign on a site like Publishizer isn’t about funding, nor involving people from afar, or giving them a brief insight into what’s going on. It’s about a real, honest, and transparent invite into EVERYTHING.

The Successful Mistake became a crowd-published book the moment I interviewed inspiring people like Pam Slim, Chris Brogan, Neil Patel, AJ Leon & Kate Northrup, but it doesn’t end here. This Publishizer campaign’s about going deeper, and connecting with a crowd of people like your fine self, and inviting you to be part of this… the whole this… each step along the way.




Why Publishizer? Why Publishizer over Kickstarter or Indigogo? Why Publishizer instead of the hundreds-upon-hundreds of other crowdfunding platforms? It’s a good question, but in all honesty, one with an easy answer.


Without doubt the best aspect to come from The Successful Mistake so far is, the sense of belonging within a group of people I look to and admire. Connecting with this massive crowd of inspiring minds has brought so much into joy and opportunity my life, but the overall facet of community is what I hold most dear.

When Tom Morkes (who appears in the book), spoke about Publishizer, I wanted to learn more. As soon as I met Guy Vincent (the founder of Publishizer), I knew. I knew I’d run a Publishizer Campaign. I knew this was a platform I NEEDED to be part of.

Sure, Kickstarter has a grander audience and community, but a more real, honest, and true community? No! I say this from experience, because for every mega-success-story, exists a forgotten campaign. It’s hard to stand out on a site like Kickstarter, and although I’m not saying it’s any easier on Publishizer, I have a greater sense of belonging.

Guy and his team worked with me on this, a genuine sense of collaboration and help. They want me to succeed, not just because my success means their success, but because they care. They’re building a community of readers and writers and go-getting changemakers, and want to connect everyone with like-minded folk who wish to change the world for the better.

It all comes down to community, and being part of a crowd of like-minded folk. Guy introduced me to people like Ryan Hanley, Jeremiah Gardner & Scott Bales, which you don’t get with sites like Kickstarter. You’re on your own, and in return, you have access to a potentially MASSIVE audience.

Potential, though, that’s it. Nothing’s guaranteed.

Guy’s care and intention, and dedication to help you succeed isn’t potential. It is. It’s certain. You may not reach your goal, but it won’t be for the lack of love and help. And I think this is important, because Crowd-Publishing a book is about bringing together a crowd and transforming it into a community: Editors, Readers, Collaborators, Writers, Beta Testers, Friends, Family, Designers, Interviewees, and everyone else who plays a part – no matter how big or small.

Publishizer form part of this community, and so it matters to me the role they play. With Kickstarter, I never felt like I belonged, which is fine, because they’re huge! With Publishizer I do, which aligns with my whole idea of crowd-publishing, and involving as many like-minded people in The Successful Mistake as I can.

In essence, Publishizer offer the same service as almost any other crowdfunding platform. They look the same. They cost the same. The premise of pledging/pre-ordering to help bring a project to life… yep, it’s the same as the other hundreds-upon-hundreds of sites.

Yet it’s also rather different, because it cares and focusses on community – real community. This is why I chose Publishizer to Crowd-Publish The Successful Mistake. I hope you’re as excited as I am.




Depending when you read this, The Successful Mistake Publishizer Campaign maybe over. Maybe we succeeded. Maybe we didn’t. Whatever happens, I’m delighted to be part of the Publishizer journey and story, and excited to see where a platform like this goes.

I know lots of writers, and most of us wish to form closer connections with readers. I believe Crowd-Pubishing helps achieve this, but it takes more than the mere premise. Anyone can setup a Kickstarter project, offer some secret insights, empty promises, and hope for the best.

This isn’t Crowd-Publishing. You may classify it as crowdfunding, because your focus remains on money. But in my opinion, this defeats the purpose. The true meaning of this is to connect with a crowd, and transform it into a community of friends and collaborators. This is what I desire, and a platform like Publishizer pushes me closer – more so than Kickstarter and Indigogo.

I believe in The Successful Mistake Publishizer Campaign. I believe in Guy and his team of awesome folk. I believe in the 160+ inspiring minds involved in this book. I believe in you. I believe in us, as a crowd… as a community… as this band of Merry Misfits.

I hope you’ll join this journey with me, but most of all, I hope you’ll check out Publishizer and the amazing projects they’re  running. Of course, YOU SHOULD START HERE, so check it out and see it it’s a good fit.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking the time to support, not just this campaign, but Publishizer in general. It’s an amazing platform, and one I’m proud to be part of. Be sure to hit me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK and tell me what you think of Guy and his team of Publishizer peeps.


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