What Makes This Simple Brand Film So Real and Awesome?




Have you visited a website recently, met by a video that explains what the business does? Maybe it was an animated run through as to what they do, or a brand film that features the founder talking for 90 seconds. I often watch these videos because I find them quick and easy to devour, but I often sigh and shrug my shoulders.

So what,” I say. “What have I learned about this business?”

It isn’t to say an animated video is bad, or an interview with the founder is, either, as each business requires a different approach to their brand film. But I often find folk (maybe you are one of them) focus on what they do and how they do it far too much.

They try push their features down my throat immediately, and it’s this that makes me sigh. Romance me a little. Play hard to get, for god sake. Introduce yourself before you preach about how I NEED your product… app… service… tool… whatever…

Your brand film is a fantastic way to swoon someone and intrigue them, not to sell to them. Let your product shine through by all means, but don’t force it down your customers throat. Keep it simple. Make it real. Be authentic and inviting and start a conversation.

This awesome, albeit simple brand film from Camira Fabrics demonstrates the power you can achieve. I love it, and after you watch it, I’ll show you why.

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Camira Fabrics are a local manufacturer to where I live. Because I work with manufacturers on their brand story and overall marketing, I take a vetted interest in those around me – always searching for those doing it well, and those who aren’t.

One day I came across these textile enthusiasts and fell in love. I tipped my hat at their website, style, and overall approach. They get it, because rather than force lots of information, numbers, and figures on the page (which trust me, most manufacturers do), they allow their visuals to do the hard work and show what they have to offer.

These guys basically produce fabric, so you probably won’t need to buy anything off of them anytime soon, but I’m sure you appreciate their story, approach, and style. These are real people helping other real people, which is what business is all about.

Why should you care about a simple brand film like this one? Because if they can do it, so can you!

What Makes This Simple Brand Film So Real and Awesome?


From 2:25 in the video until the end, it’s all about their customers. Members from the BBC, Leeds Arena, and London Underground talk about why they used Camira Fabrics, what they expected, and the intangibles of the project. Sure, the actual fabric is important, but it’s about what it makes the end user feel like, and their experience as a whole that truly matters.

Rather than this come from Camira’s mouth, it comes from their customer. This is the ultimate endorsement and testimonial, and makes the entire brand film all the more powerful.

It isn’t a case study, nor does it go into the nitty gritty of the project like so many companies would do. It’s about the relationship between Camira and their customer, from their customers point of view, in a manner that slips effortlessly into the brand film as a whole.

When I watch this, I feel like their customers are literal elements of their team – like their staff are (more on this soon).

What Makes This Simple Brand Film So Real and Awesome?


Don’t get me wrong, Camira Fabrics tell a little. They start the brand film with what they do and the usual speal, and although this is the part of the video I least like, I can overlook it because they quickly move past it and start to show their audience what they’re good at.

I love the shot on 21 seconds, where it showcases the army of colour at their disposal, and the raw ingredients of what they do.

At 17 seconds, when it shows the London Underground, I like how they don’t explain it right then, but it becomes an important part of the story later on in the brand film.

At 1:18, I love how it shows a member of their team in her natural surroundings (more on this next), and how the majority of the brand film shows us (the viewer… their customer) what it is they do, rather than talk about the nitty-gritty.

This isn’t a how-to video. This isn’t about their features. You can say a lot by simply showing what you do, who’s behind the process, how it looks, and so much more. You don’t have to force it down your customers throat, remember.

Camira showcase what they’re all about, and it comes together to form a marvellous brand film.

What Makes This Simple Brand Film So Real and Awesome?


This brand film has a high production value. Trust me, it’s shot by professionals with professional gear and a keen eye. The editing is good. It’s a damn good video!

But its high quality doesn’t take away from its everyday feel. This brand film is real. It’s gritty. It shows real people in their real environment, and if there’s one thing I love about this video more than the introduction of their customers later in the film, it’s the continual use of their own staff members.

I count seven team members that speak, and numerous others shown throughout the brand film laughing, working, simply going about with their everyday. Not once do you see someone on camera speaking. For three minutes and twelve seconds, they slip little snippets of audio over everyday shots of folk from Camira Fabrics living their life.

Again, this isn’t some how-to video. It isn’t a demonstration of what they do. It’s about who they are, and what better way to achieve this than showcase who you are throughout a normal everyday situation?

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Maybe you hate this brand film. Maybe you love it. I don’t share it with you under the illusion you’ll head over to their site and buy some fabric. I share it because this is the type of approach I love, and demonstrates the power of a brand’s story.

The power of your story.

Don’t taint it with functional nonsense and facts-and figures. Your brand film is about your brand’s story, not what it is you do and how you’re so much better than everyone else. This flows through if you capture who you and what you’re all about. Whatever your style is (animation, interview, fast paced, funny…) it has to be about who you, not what it is you do!

Use your people… your staff and your customers. Keep it real and gritty and a true insight into your everyday. Show your audience what you’re about, because if you do this you won’t have to tell them a damn thing.

They’ll uncover all the facts and figures by themselves later on. Right now, with your brand film, capture their attention and begin a conversation. I believe Camira Fabrics achieve this, and I’d love to know what you think on FACEBOOK or TWITTER. Don’t be shy.


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