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I don’t know about you, but when I come across a business I like the look of, I head over to their About Page. Do you do this? It makes sense, because who they are and who exists behind said business matters. If you’re to invest time and money into this brand, you wish to start the relationship in style. Once on the about page, I often search for the team page in the hope it’ll rock my world.

Like Revolution Viewing does, but more on these guys soon.

First I wish to ease your woes, because maybe you don’t have a large staff (or any staff at all), so why would you waste time on building one of the best team pages around? Because this isn’t about your size of staff, rather the instant connection it creates between you and your audience.

Whether that connection is between the literal YOU… your co-founder… a part time helper who comes into your office once a week… it’s imperative to form a meaningful connection with your customer straight away, because this way you transform it into a relationship that breeds loyalty, word of mouth, endorsement, and such…

And if you have a medium-sized workforce, or massive army of people who work for you, fantastic. This post is for you too, because you have one of two options:

  • Create a standard team page that sucks
  • Or craft one of the best team pages your customer will ever see, and one they’ll share with those they know

Revolution Viewing did the latter, and I encourage you to Check. It. Out.

Why This is One Of The Best Team Pages Youll Ever SeeWhy This is One Of The Best Team Pages Youll Ever See


Revolution Viewing produce an array of videos for the Property and University industries (among a few other niche areas). Because video is what they do, and it’s so ingrained into their story, it make sense they showcase who they are, the people behind the business, and what ultimately makes them awesome through the medium of video.

Set out like the majority of team pages are, they showcase their staff in a grid-like manner, complete with their headshot, name, and title. Nothing special, right?

Except… when you click on one of their names – say, their lead photographer, Ashley B – you don’t only get a short bio about Ashley, but a video, too –  introducing you to the real Ashley.

Remember, your team pages task is to connect you to your customer, and begin a conversation between them and your team. You wish to develop a relationship, so it makes sense you get someone like Ashley to introduce himself, show his face, and say hello.

I don’t know about you, but I’m more inclined to call and speak to Ashley, because I know what he looks like. Even though it’s a 60 second video, I feel like I know him a little. Compared to the majority of brands I come across, Revolution Viewing do a fantastic job at introducing me to their people before the interaction even begins.

In terms of relationships and starting things off with a bang, this is everything!

Why This is One Of The Best Team Pages Youll Ever SeeWhy This is One Of The Best Team Pages Youll Ever See


This is one of the best team pages I’ve come across, and I know Tom personally (one of the founders), singing its praises to him often. BUT it isn’t perfect in my opinion, and it comes down to one simple aspect.


Revolution Viewing do an amazing job at connecting me and you (their potential customer) with their team (the guys and gals who ultimately determine whether your project is a success or not). It’s natural and personal and wonderful, so why the white screen, which is so… unnatural and impersonal, and dare I say, rather corporate and ick.

I want to see these girls and boys at their desks. In their natural surroundings. Partaking in their everyday because when I speak to them and build our relationship, that’s where they’ll be. Start it like you mean to carry on.

I maybe picking holes, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Because you, dear reader, aren’t here to copy what Revolution Viewing do, rather take inspiration from them, better them, and ensure your team page is the best team page you can make it.

Why This is One Of The Best Team Pages Youll Ever SeeWhy This is One Of The Best Team Pages Youll Ever See


I like this team page for several reason, but it basically boils down to this: It’s Personal!

Whoever you are, and whatever you do, we’re all in a people-business. We’re just people chatting to other people over email, the phone, and drinks. Until the robots take over, that’s all business is.

I think we overcomplicate things (especially with team pages and about pages) by trying to be fancy, different, always sell-sell-selling and ensuring the person reading knows what you do, how they can buy, and so on…

All you really need to do is be yourself, embrace your strengths and differences,  and be HUMAN. We are, after all, people doing business with people.

Revolution Viewing sum this up with one of the best team pages I’ve seen, because they introduce you to their people before you have chance to begin the conversation. They form that connection in an instant, keep it real, and allow the relationship to blossom from there.

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This isn’t about copying Revolution Viewing. It’s about you creating one of the best team pages YOU can create.

Maybe video isn’t the way to go for you, but that isn’t the point. The point is to ask yourself how you can introduce you and your team (however big or small it is), in a way that defines you, keeps it personal, and begins your all important conversations in style.

I’m proud how Revolution Viewing approach this, and constantly evolve and take their about page to exciting new levels. They aren’t the only ones who does this, but they remain part of the minority. Hopefully after reading this, and devouring their site, you’ll form part of the minority, too.

Let me know your thoughts on this approach, any other team pages you love, and how you plan to leave a lasting impression in your customers minds. I’m waiting for you on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, so don’t be shy.



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