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And Then They Will Be Gone Forever!

Shortly before we published I Unlove You towards the back end of 2015, I had this strong urge to do something I’d never done before.

For me, words and visuals align wonderfully together, and if there’s something most books miss, it’s visual accompaniments that take the story to the next level. Of course, you may say your imagination is all you need, which I agree with in part, but even the slightest of doodles placed in the right section of a story can do wonders for your imagination and experience with a book.

I love children books because of this, and more often than not it’s the pictures that bring them to life.

And so, mere days before the Big Launch, I reached out to my artist friend, Robert, and asked if he could bring I Unlove You to life.

I told him about the book and journey Aus & B take, and he asked if I could sum up the story with a few key words that define their adventure. No easy feat to whittle down an entire novel into a handful of words, but it didn’t take me long to come up with:

  • Love
  • Panic
  • Faith
  • Betrayal
  • Unlove

If you’ve read I Unlove You, I’m sure you can appreciate the meaning behind these words. And with these words (and with the book cover as inspiration), Robert went to work. I had no idea what he would come up with, but I couldn’t anticipate how much I’d fall in love with what he did…


I won’t share all 5 designs in this post because they’re reserved for those who choose to read I Unlove You.

In my opinion they’re important parts of the story that play huge roles, bringing the tale to life in a way that words cannot.

Within a few days (he’s a quick worker), Robert turned I Unlove You into a visual extravaganza, just like Ruth Wilkinson had done with the book cover. I loved all five, and as I showed them to those closest to me, they nodded and agreed.

They were brilliant!

For the most part, these prints are to accompany the story and help take the experience between you and the book to the next level.

BUT I also have this vision of a select few individuals proudly placing these works of art (because that’s what they are… art) on their walls.

So… throughout 2016, we’re bringing each of these masterpieces into the physical world via a Limited Edition Sale.

Today, we begin with LOVE, which is how the story begins.

We’re placing Robert’s art onto canvas so those who desire to place it on their wall with pride (maybe you’re one of them) can do so.

But we’re only printing 25 of these, and once they’re gone… They. Are. Gone.

Robert and I both agree in scarcity and making things as special and unique as possible. We won’t get rich selling these prints, but we believe we will bring the book to life and further the experience for a lucky 25 people.

And speaking of Robert… I imagine you’re curious as to who he is, right?

Why should you care about a wee little artist like him?

Well, I asked Robert to share a few short words about his amazing designs, what they were inspired by, and how he transformed the mere words in my head into… well… the fine work of art we get to enjoy today. This is what he said…

My name is Robert Cate, a photographer and designer currently residing in Covington, KY, USA.

The designs for the pieces I created for I Unlove You are in tune with Matthew’s love for minimalism.

Keeping with the watercolor motif featured on the cover, the splashes were created by hand, scanned in, and digitally manipulated to enhance saturation and vibrancy to generate a euphoric effect, while the dot and line drawings were created knowing everyone experiences a shift in reality that changes a perception they hold true.

Love, being an abstract term, changes over time and these works are meant to embellish that change.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Rob (literally), and although this particular post and campaign focusses on the first in the series (LOVE), Rob alludes to what’s ahead — as the shape transforms with the story, creating a set of designs that have blown you away.

I know this because people keep emailing me saying how amazing they look 🙂


Starting today, you can Pre-Order one of the 25 Prints — but when they’re gone, They. Are. Gone.

These are simple by nature, but as I’m sure you agree, beautiful all the same.

Each Limited Edition Print Includes:

  • Signed by the myself… Matthew Turner… the author of I Unlove You
  • Signed by Robert… the artist… the one who brought these masterpieces to life
  • A special number at the bottom… from 1 to 25
  • Printed on thick Recycled White Paper (300gsm) by Awesome Merchandise
  • A print size of 30cm x 42cm (A3 Paper)
  • Which is ideal for 16×12 Frames


That’s it, rather simple by design.

This isn’t some tacky poster or mass-produced mess you can buy from IKEA.

There are only 25 of these in existence, and if you choose to pre-order your copy today, you join an exclusive group of people who not only read and enjoyed I Unlove You, but value the grander experience we’re building through The Merry Misfits.

We’ll release the other 4 designs throughout the year, but right now we focus on LOVE.

And if you’d like to hang LOVE on your wall and share it with pride… well… you can.

But you must act quickly, because 25 isn’t a large number, and when they’re gone, They. Are. Gone 😉

If you have any question about this Print, Robert, or anything else that’s holding you back, please get in touch with me at:

It took me a long time to write I Unlove You, and I’m proud to see so many people choose to read it.

But writing I Unlove You was never about just I Unlove You, which is where the concept of The Merry Misfit arose from.

As I write this, I’m still figuring out what this community/grander experience means, and why someone like you should care to join it.

In part, it’s taking me so long to figure out what it all means because I’m relying on those within the community to guide me.

And each day, you do.

You help. You open my eyes.

This isn’t my community; it’s ours.

I Unlove You isn’t just a book, and I hope Limited Edition Prints like these play a large role in what’s to come.

You’ve read the book, which is fantastic. But there’s more.

There’s more to love and more to be part of.

This is your chance to own part of this. I hope you’ll take up my invitation.


. . And Don’t Forget To Share The (un)Love With Those You Know…

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