We are a strange species, us humans…




We are a strange species, us humans…

We are, for the most part, intelligent.

Unlike most (if not, all) other species on this planet, we are smart enough to question our existence. We ponder and wander, and explore.

We think about the future, and where we’re going.

Rather than how to survive today.
And instead of simply existing.


We are not intelligent enough to answer any of the major questions we have to ask. We question our existence and ask why, but are unable to appreciate the meaning or complexities.

And we may never figure it out.
We may always be smart enough to ask.
But never smart enough to answer.

And because of this, we do dumb shit.

Limiting beliefs.

I believe much of this, of not all, comes down to our ability to ask, but inability to answer.

And so, we create these little bubbles and live inside them.

We focus on us… me… how the world effects ME.

We forget about everyone else, and how the decisions we make have an effect on… well, everything.

We get lost in our own head.
We get lost in our own BS.
We get lost in our own drama.

And it’s always the most important thing…

The problem is, everyone walks around like this.

Caring, but not.
Conscious, but not.
Loving, but… not.

Smarty enough to question.
Not close to a solution.

Intelligent enough to ask.
Too dumb (or incomplete) to answer.

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