My Story with Awesome Folk Like You…
Literally… I’m all about transparency and honesty, and I strive to share every aspect of this writing, publishing & marketing adventure with you.
But before we get to me, let’s first focus on YOU!
Because you are:

a forward-thinking entrepreneur who desires to build an empire; not a simple business.


a misfit writer who embraces self-publishing and the opportunities of freedom.

a curious creative who wishes to craft meaningful art and form real relationships with your audience.

an outlier… a go-getter … an innovator...

If you don’t fit into one or more of the above, I don’t why you’re here.

Assuming you do, this is a place for you to form fresh ideas, see a different light, and be part of this journey with me where you’ll join folk like:

Tayla-Elise Rogers

Tayla-Elise Rogers

a forward thinking entrepreneur...

Kylie Dunn

Kylie Dunn

a misfit wrtiter...

Nicole Welch

Nicole Welch

a curious creative...

Vernon Ross

Vernon Ross

an outlier and innovator...

And of course YOU… the next person to join this journey 🙂

We’re all on this misfit adventure together, and we invite you to be part of the beautiful chaos.

Which I suppose brings you to me…


or as my mother calls me, Matthew.


. . . a writer, storyteller, father, not-your-everyday-marketer…

and guy striving towards my own definition of freedom and success.

Introducing The WHO

I am Matthew Turner (aka: Turndog), and I’m a Storytelling fiend who enjoys a rich cup of black coffee. First and foremost, I’m a father to a wonderful son, and everything I do is dedicated to him and my blossoming family. This is what motivates me, so when I talk about WHO I am, it’s important to focus on this before everything else.

Beyond that, I’m a writer of books and creator of stuff, and although a variety of projects fit under this umbrella, everything I focus on has storytelling at its core. You see, I believe stories are what makes the world rotate and that separates the human race from the animal kingdom. We trust stories. We feel stories. Good stories come in many shape and form, so whether I’m writing a book, working with a client, standing on stage, or creating a course, it’s storytelling that stands front and centre.

This is the gift I bring to the world. The topics may change, the books may differ, and the way I serve people is forever altering, but great storytelling remains my constant. It’s how I entertain, educate, and inspire, and the moment you join me on this journey is the moment you become part of my own story; indeed, it’s the moment I become part of yours. This is who I am, and this is why I do what I do.

Introducing The WHY

listen to my definition of Success, Freedom & Happiness

As you now know, I love Storytelling; it’s what drives me. I believe stories connect people with one another, and as a species we trust them. So if you take a storytelling approach to everything you do, I believe you form deeper connections with those around you (your audience, friends, family, peers). This leads to something beutiful, which is…

As a person, I get to choose the type of Experience I take people on. Be it through a book, a sequence of emails, a talk on stage, or connecting with them at an event… it’s up to me to decide what I want them to take from it. Experience acts as the sounding board to everything I do. Achieve this and everything else clicks into place, but before this I must first embrace…

I’m a vulnerable human being full of fears, flaws, and failures. The very idea of Transparency frightens me, but I believe it’s the only way to create a truly meaningful experience. Transparency forces me to share, and communicate in a real and raw fashion. It’s hard, but transparency allows me to invite something beautiful into my world…

What the hell is life if it doesn’t focus around Progression. As someone who embraces mistakes and failures, I open my eyes to learning each and every day. But learning alone means nothing if you’re unwilling to apply what you’re taught. Such application leads to progression, and if I continue to make progress each day (in life and business), this leads to…

Everything I do is designed to take me closer to my version of Success (listen to what this is above). What this means to me may differ to what it means for you, and this is the point. Success is a personal pursuit that has to make sense to you. I know what I’m striding towards, and everything I do during my daily-day edges me ever close to MY promised land.

So… WHAT exactly is it that I do?


As you now know, Storytelling stands at the heart of everything I do.

A good story can take on many forms, but if I had to reduce what I do to a single craft, I would say that I’m a Writer.

The problem with this is, writing takes on many forms, and I certainly like to try my hand at most of it.

My first passion is Fiction, and writing coming-of-age novels that make you feel something you’ve never felt before.

I also write Non-Fiction, and craft books that help my fellow entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and creative thinkers fulfil their version of success.

This bleeds into Blogging, which requires a whole new approach.

And because storytelling crosses so many boarders, this leads me to Speaking on stage.

BUT at all times, my unique voice shines through because there’s only one Turndog in this world (and it just so happens to be me).

This is what I have to offer.

This is how I serve YOU.

I like to think I’m pretty cool and spiffy.

But hey… don’t take my word for it:

“Matthew Turner’s The Successful Mistake is proof positive that the very things that trip us up are the same things that help us grow and develop. Bravo to Matthew on this important and inspiring read.”
Debbie Millman

Founder of Design Matters

“Matthew Turner knows how to hustle. His persistence, transparency, and grasp of the online media landscape are impressive!”
Dorie Clark

Bestselling Author of Stand Out

“Matthew Turner has solid information in here. He speaks from a place of freshness, but with that air of someone who’s been through it.”
Chris Brogan

Founder of Owner Media

“I’ve known Matthew for quite some time, and have always admired his creativity and professionalism. Like any true artist, storytelling is baked into every fibre of his being and his work, and I am always thrilled to support his latest project (whatever it may be). His passion shines through in every single solitary thing he does, and he has always been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

AJ Leon

Founder of Misfit Inc

“Matthew’s one of the most persistent guys I’ve met, and continues to bring value to the table each time we speak. He’s written a great book in The Successful Mistake, but this only scratches the surface. He’s a rising star with an amazing work ethic, and I’m excited to continue to work with him in the future.”
Scott Oldford

Founder of Limitless Business

“Overcoming your fear of failure is something that holds many entrepreneurs back. Its a difficult hurdle to tackle, but its those who do that realize their greatest success. In ‘The Successful Mistake‘ Matthew Turner dives into how some of the world’s finest minds achieve this. A must read from anyone still finding their way.”
Danny Iny

Founder of Marisee

“We are make mistakes, and we need to learn how to to make Successful Mistakes. It’s great to focus on success stories and overnight sensations, the truth is EVERY entrepreneur makes a lot of mistakes before they create their legacy. The fact that Matthew Turner has interviewed so many inspiring people blows me a way, and I cannot wait to see this book IGNITE the world!”
John Lee Dumas

Founder of Entrepreneur on fore

“Mistakes are part of life, and although we tell ourselves not to get hung up on them, we often do in the moment. But Matthew Turner gives us a different view, and after interviewing so many inspiring people for this book, he offers lessons I only wish I had learned when I first started my business. A great read which keeps your attention throughout, and a book I plan to tell a lot of people about.”
Kevin Kruse

Multiple New York Times Bestselling Author

Erlend Bakke

Bestselling Author & Serial Entrepreneur

“I love Matthew’s approach to storytelling, and the way he crafted The Successful Mistake from those many interviews is amazing. He’s written a great book, and is a rising star with a unique and fresh voice.”
Dave Kerpen

NY Times Bestselling Author of The Art of People and CEO, Likeable Local

“People either tend to fear failure or glorify it. I find neither works, but what Matthew has done with ‘The Successful Mistake‘ is find that happy medium. He shows you how powerful your mistakes can be, so long as you follow a proven process. A great and inspiring read.”
Jeff Goins

Multiple Bestselling Author

“Learn from others’ failure to mine the gold from your own. None of try to fail. But I’ve learned that “failing” is also a necessary stepping stone on the road to success. Failure strengthens and teaches us like nothing else can. Truly successful people understand there really is no such thing as failure – either we win or we learn.”
Dan Miller

Founder of 48 Days

So There You Have It… That’s My Story.

What do you say…

Fancy joining this rabble rousing adventure?

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