Easy Era Done, Now To The Hard One




Hi all, last night was a pretty memorable one for me because I sent my ‘Final’ draft to a friend to act as my very first Beta Reader. I say ‘Final’ because it clearly isn’t; in fact I’m expecting it to come back with red marks dotted around and suggestions for a whole bunch of things. I’m sure I won’t agree with it all, and I’ve taken the stance that I need to be on board with the suggestions made (Either that or if several people start saying the same thing).

It’s quite terrifying to be honest because up until now it’s been all mine. I mean I’ve posted exerts on to forums for critiques and advice, and overall the comments I’ve got have helped me go back, edit, and hopefully improve the entire story. Yet this is my first real test. The first time I’ve let go completely and let another set of eyes read it cover to cover. It…Is…Terrifying!


I had to make baby steps though and give it to a friend of mine, a friend who loves to read but is quite honest and upfront with her opinions. I need someone to be honest, to tell me how it is and help me improve the entire story. Yet I also need a little bit of empathy and someone who likes me enough to hold back and not throw the full set of daggers.

It’s not 100% and I considered going through the draft for a third time. However, I also thought why? At some point I need someone to take a look and give me some impartial feedback, not just a chapter or a few pages, but the entire thing. Feedback on grammar, spelling, continuity and whether the story is in fact any good. I’ve always thought the premise is good, that’s what I’ve stuck with it. Will others agree?

This is not the end, if anything it’s probably the beginning. From here on in I’ll be able to make some significant changes, send out again to a new set of eyes, repeat the entire process over and over and eventually have the confidence to send it out to real life agents :-0

I began this Blog to meet people, connect with marketers and writers, and generally write about my experience over the next few years. It’s certainly not a sprint, but quite possibly the longest marathon I’ll ever be apart of. It should be fun…

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