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It’s a very snowy Friday so let me make things better with a selection of the best news I’ve come across this week. The Turndog Tales returns with a host of stories, including editing your own work, how the Amazon KDP Select programme could end the world (exaggeration), and a few great tools to help build your Blog Platform


We Need Unified E-Books!

I read this article yesterday from Joe Wikert and absolutely loved it. He discusses the similarities of books and music, and how the publishing industry needs to follow suit sooner than later. This includes a unified format and the end of DRM (Digital Rights Management), and his argument is very just.

At present Amazon et al are stalling the efforts of authors and publishers alike, and more importantly, the actual reader! With e-books taking a stronghold we need to system that allows sharing from device to device. People talk about piracy, but as Joe argues, this often disappears with a more open source world (look at Spotify).

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The Chore Of Self-Editing!

Some people love it. Most do not. I certainly fall in the latter, and despite the fact I enjoy making my work better, I wish the actual process were less time consuming and annoying.

Ali Luke comes up with 8 tips to self-edit, and although brining in an expert editor at some point is vital, going it on your own for a while is even more so. Some of the tips are fairly obvious, but there are a few I’ve never tried.

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Great Tools For Bloggers

As a Blogger I’m always on the look out for new Social Media and Blogging tools. There are hundreds, and although I suggest you pick a few and stick to them, it’s always important to keep an open mind and be on the look out for the next big thing.

Charnita Fance suggests 5 tools every Blogger needs to have, whereas Kissmetrics offers 17 (that’s right, 17!) Social Media tools for a keen and active Blogger.

The suggestions are varied and include everything from SEO tools, organization tools, and analytics. We all need some help so have a read and select your favourite ones.

Kissmetrics Article

Charnita Fance Article


Can Writers Write & Review?

Nathan Bransford is a great Blogger and certainly someone to follow if you don’t already do so. He wrote an article this week about writers writing reviews, and it was a rather interesting thought provoker.

I won’t go into things in too much depth, I suggest you go over and read the whole article, but it discusses empathy and thinking twice. I personally feel this is sage advice for aspiring authors. Leaving reviews are great, and arguably a must. But don’t be an A-Hole for the sake of it. Who wins when you do this?

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Kindle Select Is the Devil?

I’ve heard some great things about the Kindle Select programme recently, but for the sake of playing Devil’s advocate and provoking the argument, here’s an article dead against it.

Christopher Wright discusses the potential of people taking advantage of the programme (big bad people) and likens the whole situation to certain MP3 sites of yesteryear.

I wouldn’t say this article does enough to kill off the future of Kindle Select, but it gets you thinking. In my opinion the Select programme is great for those looking for exposure and nothing else. Will results come on the back of it? Will an increase in sales occur? The answer is yes, but you won’t necessarily hit the jackpot whilst in the Select programme.

In terms of exposure (especially for those with a book series) it could be a areal game changer.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article

This isn’t marketing or writing related I’m afraid. It’s to do with sport though (another passion of mine) and more specifically, Football. For those of you unaware our National Coach, Fabio ‘Bloody’ Capello has left his post less than 6 months before a major championship.

This is craziness and can only happen with English Football (or soccer for those American readers). There isn’t much more to add other than this is typical and annoying. Oh, and it looks like they will hire the manager currently in charge of my team (Totteham Hotspur), so that’s also great. What with us having our best season since 1961 and all!

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There you go kids, another week at an end and a weekend to look forward to. I hope everyone has a great time, and if you have yet to read my own articles this week please do so:

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