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I use an email service called Aweber. Chances are you’ve heard of them, and if you have, it’s probably nothing but good. I know of many great online personalities using Aweber, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad story.

This says a lot. There’s no smoke without fire…or in this case, if there’s no smoke, well, there’s probably no fire.

It’s not about the quality of the product or the quirkiness of the logo, not on this occasion. These things are important, but today the focus is on their customer journey.

Ho do they treat people?

How do they take them down a particular path?

Knowing and caring about your customer is important. Soon you’ll see why…


My Story Of Aweber

As soon as I decided to create this new website, I began looking for an email provider. I wanted to collect data, distribute Free Ebooks (like What Is Strategic Marketing), and connect with people via the Inbox.

I’d never used one of these providers before, so it was a new world. I went in with an open mind, and looked towards those I admire for recommendations. I wanted to find a company with values that aligned with my own. An email provider, for me, is a fairly standard purchase. It doesn’t get me excited in any way.

Regardless, I wanted to be with someone who got me. A company I could write about, share with friends, and use for years to come.

Very quickly two names began to crop up time and time again:

Aweber & Mailchimp


Why Aweber?

I decided to trial both services out, starting with Mailchimp, a service that was Free, colourful, and in all honesty, the company I wanted to win.

I was immediately drawn to it, and I suspected it would come out on top. That was until I used Aweber. It came into my life as the underdog. A service I’d have to pay for, so lets face it, it was always facing an uphill battle. Oh how I was wrong:

Email is email. I figured I’d get a very similar service with whoever I used. The quality of the product was important, but I didn’t see it as a deciding factor. Instead, I looked at the Brand (did I love it), the service (how good it was), and the journey they’d take me on (how much do they care).

It’s the latter where Aweber blew me away.


The Aweber Journey

*Day One: I began a trial and paid the $1

*Day Two: I familiarised myself and added a few lists and forms to my site. I immediately came across a few problems (in customising some forms for my site), and therefore contacted Aweber.

*Day Two: Within minutes I received help. I was told it wasn’t in their process to help me customise things for my website, per say, but Phil (my very helpful Aweber guide) knew a thing or two, so offered to help.

*Day Three: Phil went away and fixed things for me. He taught me things, but also got someone with experience to sort out the code. Not only that, but he revised it when i still asked for more. I was a pain. Here I was, a $1 customer asking for the world.

*Day Four: I received a letter from Aweber. Not an email, but an actual letter, welcoming me to their world, offering advice, and telling me where to find it. It even had a little card I could tear off, with my customer number, helpful sites, etc.

*Day Five: I had more issues, so contacted Phil, and guess what…he helped me.

*Day Six: I received a phone call from Aweber. They didn’t try to sell me anything, merely wanted to know I was ok. The person on the other end (from America) knew I’d contacted Phil, asked if everything was ok, and if I needed any more help. I told him I was actually awaiting a reply from Phil, and how the service, so far, was great. He said, “brilliant, I’ll drop Phil a line now.”

*Five Minutes Later: I got an email from Phil, once again helping me.


Why all This Matters

When it comes to product, Aweber offers nothing more than most. When it comes to the Brand, I’m more aligned with Mailchimp. However, the journey Aweber took me down was amazing. I couldn’t resist.

First of all, they gave their staff freedom. Phil didn’t have to help me, but he did. He had the freedom to use his skills to help me, to find others who could, and wasn’t a slave to a script.

Secondly, location isn’t a barrier. Just because an ocean separated us, it didn’t mean I wasn’t worth the phone call and letter. They were clearly willing to spend some money on me, despite only spending $1.

Finally, they communicate with each other. They knew I’d spoken to Phil, not just somebody, but used Phil by name. Not only that, but the person on the other end of the phone went on to contact Phil. It sounds redundant, but this is where so many companies fail. Actually talking to each other.

Overall, I feel special. I had no choice but to join their world.


To Conclude

Mailchimp are good, as are other companies I’ve come across. Aweber, though, take it to new levels. Sure, their product is good, but it’s much more than this. Finding an email provider was a boring purchase, but I wanted a good experience nevertheless.

Aweber offered this. They made me feel special and worth while. As such, they have a very loyal customer.

What can you learn from this? Everything!

Care about your customer and take them down a journey that matters. I discuss this in my Free Ebook, What Is Strategic Marketing, and how you can put your own spin on things to make people feel special.

This isn’t hard, it just needs a process.

In a few days I’ll show you the flip reverse of this. A company I loved, a company that gave me good service, a good product, and a lovely Brand. But they are also a company that took me down an AWFUL journey, as the result…well, you’ll have to wait and see (psshhhh, it doesn’t end well).

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