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Ok, so your life is a mess. You have post it notes everywhere, and documents all over your laptop, and you know you wrote the name of that great Agent, somewhere, but you can’t for the life remember where.

Let me introduce you to Evernote, the piece of God like Software that will help turn your Author Platform into a work of art.

Of course, you can replace Evernote with several other pieces of software (such as Google Docs, Microsoft OneNote, and Springpad), but for me, it has to be Evernote every step of the way.


Get Organised

I took a while to conform to that Elephant on a green background (I know, me neither), but I’m so glad I took the plunge when I did. Creating an Author Platform is one of the best things a writer can ever do. I discuss this in my Free Ebook, How To Build An Author House, so if you need help, please feel free to download it.

What the creation of an Author Platform does bring, is a whole load of work. You no longer only have your writing, but Blog Posts, and lists of Agents, and Blogs you like to read, and a schedule to keep up with.

There is so much to consider, but so little time. It doesn’t take long before you burn out, push your Author Platform to one side, and feel that no progress has been made.

Don’t fret, though, because Evernote is here to help. It can be a writer’s best friend, and this is how.


What Is Evernote?

Evernote is a piece of software that can work on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, and if you have all three (like me), you can sync them together and have access 24/7.

It allows you create notes, save documents, upload pictures, and even take audio notes. It can do just about everything, and best of all…it’s FREE

Of course, there are paid options too – they need to make money somehow after all -but I’ve personally never come close to needing this, and trust me, I use Evernote daily.

Overall, there isn’t much you can’t do with Evernote, and I truly suggest you try it for yourself. I want to share some ways I use Evernote, though, specifically how I use it to keep my Author Platform organised.


Don’t Let Your Author Platform Get Messy

Like I say, it’s easy to let your Author Platform get the better of you. But Evernote can help and this is how:



As a writer, you’ll no doubt perform research. I personally don’t do too much (it isn’t really needed for my writing), but I know people who do…a lot. I do find myself making notes, though, and come across things daily that will help improve a scene, a character, or even a Blog Post.

In Evernote you can create folders & notebooks, and organise things accordingly. With the ability to copy & paste, upload entire documents/articles, or even keep pictures and audio notes; the opportunities you have are endless

Keeping your research is a challenge, and making it so you always have access is even harder. Evernote offers a great solution to both.


Schedule Your Blogs:

Chances are you Blog, and more than likely, Blog often. You may not stick to your own website, either, but spread your message across the Internet. It can be hard to keep track of things, and before long you forget when you Blogged about a particular subject, if you ever sent that one article, or if you received a reply from a website.

Evernote allows you to create spreadsheets that can become life savers. I have a separate spreadsheet for my own Blog, and for those I send out as Guest Posts. They offer the following information:

  • Blog Title
  • Date uploaded/sent out
  • Keywords used
  • Overview of the Article
  • Where I sent (if applicable)
  • When I sent it out (if applicable
  • If/When I received a reply

I’m never second guessing myself and can keep track of my progress with ease. It really does save my life and allows me to get the most out of my Blog Posts.


Note Taking:

This is what I use Evernote for the most. Every day I create a list of things to do, and highlight/remove them when needed. It allows me to keep my Author Platform ticking away, and if I ever get an idea, well, I have somewhere to put it.

I keep lists of website I find interesting, Agents I like, and people in general who take my fancy.

Without Evernote, well, I can’t even imagine what this would like. I would probably have word documents everywhere, forget where things are, and only have access on my laptop. Guess what? I hardly ever use Evernote on my laptop. I update it on my phone because a moment of genius can hit at any time.


Do You Use Evernote?

Do you use Evernote for your Author Platform? If you don’t, and you constantly find yourself lost and confused, well, I suggest giving it a try.

If you do use something else, what is it? I’d love to hear your experiences and what you find useful.

Share your comments below, and share your experiences with this great piece of software. Oh, and I aren’t working for Everntote – even it sounds like I am – I’m just a geek and a fan.

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million



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