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How can you turn Backwards Thinking into Forward Awesomeness? Through Creative & Strategic Thinking, that’s how.

If this doesn’t make sense yet, don’t worry. I hope to explain things in the next few hundred words. This post is all about the future marketer. I discuss this in my Free Ebook, What Is Strategic Marketing. If you like this post and want to learn more, this short Ebook is just for you. just saying…


Local Creative Thinking

I live in an area that has some great restaurants. In particular we have some tasty Indian eateries, and this one particular place, Kipling’s, did something that caught my attention.

One day I was walking to the train station before a strange sign caught my eye. It seemed out of place, so my mind immediately tried to decode it. I had already walked past a variety of banners, signs, and posters, but it was Kipling’s that had my attention.


A quick look at the top of this post will tell the tale. Did it catch your attention, too?


How Backwards Thinking Is Strategic Thinking

I talk about this notion a lot: Creative Thinking + Strategic Thinking = 21st Century Success.

Kipling’s, in my opinion, did something stupidly simple, yet did it in a creative way. They took an everyday object and made a spectacle out of it. The end result is something that grabs your attention. A quick walk through my village unearths many signs, but it’s this one that speaks to you.

Don’t believe me?

Well, my Dad has something to say about that. I was in the car with him recently and he said “look at that sign, can you believe they didn’t spot that mistake?”

I had a quick chuckle to myself because I doubt anyone could miss such an obvious mistake. It caught his attention, even if he didn’t get it (which I’m sure many people don’t), and that’s the first step a marketer faces.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, like so many who visit this site are, you have a task on your hands. You need to gather attention and convert it into sales, or whatever you hope to achieve (subscriptions, referrals, etc).

Kipling’s now has my Dad’s attention. What they do with it is another thing, but in terms of Creative Thinking, they’re doing just fine.


Creative Thinking Is Never Enough

It takes Strategic Thinking, too. The human brain is amazing, it truly is. It converts messages in an instant. If you drive past a sign that says “2 meals for $10″ it will decode it in a second. It’s sub-concious and immediate.

Turn that sign upside down, though – like Kipling’s did – and your brain has to think for a second. All of  a sudden it’s a conscious thought and the marketer has your attention.

Congrats Mrs Creative Thinking Lady, but what are you going to do now?

Creative Thinking is only great if you put some Strategic Thinking behind it. In Kipling’s case they stopped when things were just getting interesting. They caught everyone’s attention, but what next?

Attention means nothing if you don’t convert it.


What You Can Learn From This

If I was working for Kipling’s I would have been excited for this new idea. I wouldn’t want to have stopped at the sign, though, I’d be looking to do the following, too:

  • Create a story out of the idea
  • Under the sign put something like: confused, come and ask us why…
  • Create a new page on the menu where everything is upside down
  • Build this into the story of the food. Maybe there’s a new item. Maybe it’s a normal curry but it’s layered upside down?
  • Encourage people to share this unique story (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Encourage people to ask about it what it all means

This just scratches the surface, the point is to make this idea into something more. Create a story out of it, because guess what…that’s what 21st Century Marketing is all about. Want to know more, read What Is Strategic Marketing

Before I leave you today, let me put focus on:

Creative Thinking + Strategic Thinking = A Success Story

Kipling’s gathered the attention of my Dad, but they didn’t do anything after this. All that’s left is questions and confusion. By building a story behind this idea, a great campaign could have been made.

Kipling’s demonstrate a lot of Creative Thinking, but not enough Strategic Thinking. You need both. If you want to stand out and move forward, make the two the best of friends.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

How would you have done things differently?

Are you a 21st Century thinker?

Share your comments below…

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