Thank you for joining me today, I’m delighted to welcome Ekin from PlayGo. I came across on Ekin on Kickstarter and found his product  compelling. I’m delighted he agreed to spend some time with me and discuss his Brand.

Please watch the video or listen to the MP3, and make sure you visit the PlyGo website below.





Interview Overview:

  • I ask Ekin about PlayGo & Bicom and how the two Brands interact. Ekin also tells us a brief history of the business and how the new products are leading the way forward.
  • Ekin talks about being in a competitive market and how the PlayGo products stand out.
  • I ask Ekin about the company philosophy, and how simplicity plays a part in the Products and Brand. Ekin goes on to tell us that making products easy to use is of the highest priority.
  • Ekin talks often about the ‘parent test’ and how he used his own mother as an example of the ease of use. The plug in play nature of the PlayGo products is important.
  • I ask about the Brand Identity, and how this aligns with the Bicom Brand.
  • Ekin talks about the target market, and how the Kickstarter event played an important role in figuring out who exactly needed the product. Not only did Kickstarter add exposure to the Brand, but it acted as a perfect focus group, too.
  • I ask Ekin whether Kickstarter will feature in the future, or if this is a one time thing. Ekin talks positively about it and says how he plans to utilise it in the future.
  • We talk about getting the message of PlayGo out and how getting the word out there has faired. PR has played a large role, as well as the Kickstarter campaign itself.
  • I also ask about their marketing has differed compared to the past, when the Bitcom Brand targeted a completely different market. The learning curve has been steep and the entire team has learned a great deal.
  • We talk about the future and what we can expect in the next 12 months. Shipping has already begun, and distribution should increase in the coming months. There is also a new product on the verge of release, so there is plenty coming from the company in the not too distant future.

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