7 TED Talks For Young Entrepreneurs




Young Entrepreneurs are in a great position of being able to learn – A LOT – each and every day. Everyone, of course, can learn something new, but young entrepreneurs tend to be pretty open to things.

TED Talks are a great resource to turn to, and I want to share 7 Videos that I feel can help. The following people are all very unique and special. Their advice is varied but amazing, and I’m sure you can take something from them.

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1: Seth Godin – How To Get Your Ideas To Spread

Something most young entrepreneurs have in common is standing out. Competition is tougher than ever and finding your unique message is key. Finding the right people, who will actually listen, this is the dream we all have. This video from Seth can help.




2: Malcolm Gladwell – Choice, Happiness & Spaghetti Sauce

Mr Gladwell is a great storyteller and paints a very clear picture. As a young entrepreneur, we must search for what people want and try and be remarkable with it. Unfortunately, finding what they want can be hard as they don’t know for themselves. This video encourages you to search and discover.




3: Gary Vaynerchuk – Do What You Love (No Excuses!)

Young entrepreneurs usually do what they love. You are more than likely living the dream as we speak. This video helps reassure. It shows you that doing what you love pays dividends. It shows you that caring about people unlocks success.




4: Derek Sivers – How To Start A Movement

A brief look at creating something from nothing, have the courage to be different, and to also have the brevity to follow others when you believe in them. This short video is a great reminder to young entrepreneurs to keep doing what you’re doing.




5: Cameron Herold – Let’s Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs

A fascinating look at raising children to have an entrepreneur outlook. This video can be helpful to young entrepreneurs as it encourages you to think differently, express your ideas, and keep going. Absolutely fascinating.




6: David Logan – Tribal Leadership

An interesting look at the concept of building a tribe or group. Young entrepreneurs are not only part of existing tribes, but have the power to create their own. From a business perspective, it allows you to build a community, a loyal group of customers, advocates, and fellow minded thinkers…the possibilities are exciting.




7: Thomas Suarez – A 12 Year Old App Developer

To see a 12 year old deliver a talk like this is rather inspiring. As a young entrepreneur, I feel looking to those that are younger can help create drive and introduce new perspectives. Watch & Learn.



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7 Amazing Videos that truly showcase some great insight. If you’re a young entrepreneur who can’t take something from at least a few of these videos, well, you must be damn good already 🙂

Share your favourite below and any other great TED Talks that have inspired you.


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