28 Reasons Why Writers Should Collaborate – Not Compete





I recently read a post at The Book Designer where Toni, from Duolit, wrote a fantastic post. The whole article is great, but it’s one point that caught my eye. It was to do with collaboration, and how writers should DO IT.

In this day and age, especially if you self-publish, a writer is a business. We don’t only write, but publish, promote, sell, and grow. Therefore it’s easy to have a cold hearted outlook.

After all, the traditional business is liken to Frankenstein walking down the street saying, “Must Kill All Competitors” (in that slow creepy Frankenstein voice).

I say NO, this isn’t needed. Sure, we have to compete and be ruthless, every now and again, but for the most part, we can love and collaborate with our fellow pen scratchers.

In my next post I’m going to share some ways you can collaborate with fellow writers, but today I want to focus on the reasons why you SHOULD. Here we go…28 reasons why writers should collaborate. Get ready to have your mind blown!


  1. You make new friends
  2. You learn new ideas
  3. You are introduced to a whole new audience
  4. It’s FREE (for the most part)
  5. It’s modern and savvy
  6. It makes you feel all fuzzy on the inside
  7. It can be an extra source of revenue
  8. Life’s too short to always fight
  9. You are introduced to a whole new perspective
  10. You broaden your horizons
  11. It helps build authority
  12. You develop new skills
  13. You can focus on your core strengths
  14. You get to avoid the aspects you hate
  15. You share the workload
  16. You share the joy
  17. It breeds creativity
  18. It opens up new doors
  19. You get to work with your idols and peers
  20. It keep you up to speed with new trends
  21. It helps you stay relevant in an ever growing world
  22. You never know who will hit the ‘Big Time’
  23. It helps you engage with your readers, and indeed, someone else’s, too
  24. Your reach increases 
  25. It can help build confidence 
  26. It provides more value to your readers
  27. It opens up opportunities for the future
  28. It adds another ally to your list, which is never a bad thing


How you collaborate can come in many forms, and that’s what the next post will focus on.

But what about the 28 reasons above?

Do you agree with them, and more importantly, can you add to the list?

Please share your ideas below…in the comments…that’s what it’s there for.

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