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Today I sit down with Dara Beevas, from WiseInk Blog fame. She just so happens to have a new book out, and I was excited to ask her about how she went to market, what worked, and what advice she has for the writing world.

Her new book is The Indie Author Revolution, and it’s very good indeed. Don’t believe me? Read my review HERE

Anyway, please watch the video or listen to the MP3 below:

* Dara starts us off by sharing info about her new book, The Indie Author Revolution

* After reading a recent Blog Post, I was intrigued to hear about her marketing activities

* We start by talking about PR Distribution services, a process I’ve heard bad things about. However, Dara discusses her recent experiences and the impact it has had. It’s made me re-think my opinion of the entire process, and it could yet become an ideal tool for indie authors

* This moves us on to working with a publicist, and what Dara’s thoughts are on this. She discusses how she used her publicist, what it brought, and what her advice is for fellow writers. Although she thinks working with a publicist has its place in the world, a proactive approach from the writer is a more effective approach

* I’m also interested in how she used advertising/sponsorship. She first discusses Facebook Ads and how it helped gather more likes for her page. Overall, this was a very cost effective means to get noticed. She also talks about her Goodreads Giveaway and sponsorship on Jane Friedman’s website. Both methods have helped gather awareness and shift some copies

* Dara talks about advertising moving forward and whether it will play a large part after the initial launch. She feels a book remains ‘new’ for 18 months, so she wants to continue certain advertising and promotions in the future

* Finally, I talk to Dara about her launch party, and how a real world event can help attract readers. She recommends to have a launch party even if your book is E-Book only. With smartphones and tablets, people have continued access to online stores.

* She also shares her own book launch, how she worked with a local bookstore, and how she connected with a number of new people. It wasn’t only a great selling opportunity, but a nice way to celebrate with friends and family.

* We finish the chat discussing POD v E-Book, Blogging, and what Dara has planned in the coming months. The keyword was balance, and how writers need to find one between their writing and everything else.



WiseInk Blog Website

The Indie Author Revolution


And there we go folks. Thanks for dropping by and please share this great interview with your friends.

If you’re an indie author needing some tips, Dara’s new book could be for you. Take a look and see if it’s the perfect addition to your bookshelf

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